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Good morning dear readers,

there is a set of Christian Lindner, one would like to hang it beautifully framed in every FDP business room these days: “It is better not to govern than to govern wrong.” With these words, the party leader rejected a “Jamaica” in November 2017 – Coalition founded in the federal government. Yesterday after party friends Thomas Kemmerich in the Thuringian state parliament with the votes of Right wing party AfD was elected prime minister, he did not say the jewelry. Lindner obviously has mitgekungelt, And somehow the joy seemed to outweigh the fact that after 70 years I was able to provide a father again. demonstrators they had to FDP Remember last night that they barely made it to the Erfurt Parliament and Die Linke under former Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow won the most votes. In the end, his deputy Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said the Lindner theorem: “Not governing is better than from Bjorn Höcke to be elected. “

Björn Höcke, (r) group leader of the AfD, congratulates Thomas Kemmerich (l., FDP), the new Thuringian prime minister.

For the AfD, the Thuringian drama is a welcome one Exerzier stage, You act well. The party had grown in the election in October and is now winning for the second time – as a kingmaker, as a force, without whom apparently nothing is going on in East Germany. And so it came to the German premiere that a prime minister with votes from extreme right lets choose. From a party that is tough in Thuringia under Björn Höcke nationalist course drives and the regional constitution protection as “Test case” applies. The Failure of the CDU in the Kemmerich case, the one Causa humps no one laid bare as impressively as CSU boss Markus Söder, The CDU suffered a great deal of loss of credibility as a result of this “adventure”, he commented, which was “not a good day for Germany and certainly not for democracy in our country”. You think of Thuringia, you think of Weimar.

In the Chaos of the CDU someone steps in who sees himself as an ordering force and wants to be seen like this: Friedrich Merz, the faction leader from the old days of pre-Merkelism and later party leader aspirant with flop experience. He announced at the moment of the Thuringian fiasco that he would resign from the Blackrock Germany supervisory board at the end of March. After four years with the world‘s largest asset manager – to whom he is said to have recommended a change of name internally – he wanted to “become more politically involved and support the CDU”. Full of emphasis on the perceived German mission, Merz sat last night on the ZDF talk show “Lanz”, complained about the “rumbling” of his party in Thuringia and wondered aloud how voters in the future should be held by the Union and the SPD. In the end, however, it is only chosen if it provides answers instead of questions.

Majority leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, tears up the manuscript of US President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech.

(Photo: AFP)

A flaw belongs to the high school of the columnist, which is why the “Spiegel” once presented the book critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki as “flaw” of books on the cover. On Tuesday, the democratic politician also acted as a “rioter” Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Almost with relish, she dismantled the manuscript of a previous speech by the US President Donald Trumpthat have text not one side of truth contain. Even the German head of the industry association Dieter Kempf is critical: Contrary to Trump’s assertion, “the Economic situation in the United States has been significantly better than it is now ”. Trump, in turn, survived the impeachment procedure in the Senate as expected. The only one of his Republicans voted Mitt Romney for impeachment for abuse of power. The Prime Minister ‘s Action in the Ukraine affair is “perhaps the most abusive and destructive breach of oath I can imagine.”

The time of the GDR election results is at Siemens passé. If the board of directors and the supervisory board previously received around 99 or 98 percent of the shareholders’ approval at the general meeting, this time they had to be satisfied with less. Chief Warden Jim Hagemann Snabe received just over 93 percent approval, CEO Joe Kaeser was only slightly better at 94.29 percent. The manager with chronic PR play instinct was the focus of a nine-hour discussion about air sins as the Coal project in Australia or revolved around the dismantling of the group. “The IPO of the energy division is not a good omen ”, concludes our cover story.

The Cum-ex-tax affair threatens to become a late bloodbath for some financial institutions. In a criminal lawsuit over the dubious stock transactions, for which the state has refunded taxes for years without reason, that posed District court Bonn clear that the financial service providers concerned do not rely on limitation can. Now societies like Warburg. Société Générale. BNY Mellon and Hansa Invest expect assets and profits from the fraudulent transactions to be confiscated. A total of at least 400 million euros is on fire. This is how high the tax loss in the criminal case “Cum Ex” was. We learn from Theodor Fontane: “Where there is a lot of money, there is always a ghost.”

The Bundesbank in Frankfurt these days behaves like a large bank that strategically focuses on everything from time to time test bench provides. In the end, “there could be a substantial change in the institution,” an insider tells us – because of the digitalizationthat make certain jobs superfluous, and especially because of demography. The average age of the good 10,000 employees is at least 47 years, so in the next few years a number of them will be ready for retirement. hundreds young forces must be searched. It should now be an advantage that the central bank has worked as a hard-working data collector: In the realm of the President Jens Weidmann if you plan the delivery of data to interested parties, you also feel strong when it comes to company data (e.g. on loans).

Pope Francis has given Archbishop Georg Gänswein indefinite leave.

And then there’s the Archbishop of Curia Georg Ganswein, known to the German public as our man in the Vatican, at the time when we were “Pope” – in the times of Benedict XVI, Now has its successor Pope Francis the Prefect of the Pontifical House on indefinite leave. However, Gänswein may continue to coordinate the audiences of Benedict emeritus as private secretary. PR glitches surrounding the publication of a book by the arch-conservative cardinal Robert Sarah may be the reason for the disempowerment of goose wine. Benedikt had one in it Essay on celibacy defended vigorously, which Francis wants to loosen up; At first the aged German was – with his real name Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger – even been named as the co-author of the pamphlet. The affair has it relationship of the incumbent to emeritus pope apparently so battered that Francis no longer likes to see the busy prefect.

I wish you a divinely beautiful day. I will spend the next two weeks on reading and leisure holidays, editor-in-chief Sven Afhüppe will take over the wake-up call completely. Greetings to you as always, see you next time

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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