The great night of music comes to Madrid with a show for the whole family

Who does not remember the great songs that starred in musicals like The Smiles and Tears, Les Miserables, Chicago or New York New York? Who has not lost their voice singing the great hymns that Eurovision has left us over the last few years as Euphoria, Waterloo, It’s You, I’ll Fly or Diva? The producer Beon Entertainment It has been proposed to cheer us up for Christmas by singing these great songs in two unique musical events for the whole family.

The big night of musicals

In ‘The big night of musicals’the great voices of musical theater will come together to offer a tour of the most emblematic musicals in history such as Smiles and tears, Les miserables, The black crook, West side story, Beauty and the beast, New York, New York, Anastasia, Chicago, The doctor, I can’t get up today or The cage of the crazy women. Always accompanied by an orchestra that will interpret the most relevant songs on the music scene.

The big night of Eurovision

‘The big night of Eurovision’ will offer the fans of this Festival the possibility of traveling back in time, to recover and relive in first person the great musical hits that triumphed year after year such as Euphoria, Waterloo, It’s you, I’ll fly, Diva, Poupée de cire poupée de son or Fairytale. Now gathered in a single show.

The group of actors, singers and interpreters that will bring these themes to life has extensive experience in theatre, film and television. They are specialized in this genre. and with careers linked to music since its inception. Cast: Paco Arrojo, Sergi Albert, Alberto Vázquez, Julio Morales, Beatriz de Teresa, Daniel Galán, Irene Barrios, Gema Bastante, Paula Arévalo, Virginia Esteban, Jordi Gràcia, Fran León, Berta Luna, Guillermo Pareja, Juan Francisco Toboso, Ramses Vollbrecht and Maia Contreras.

Two shows lasting an hour and a half that are presented as an innovative, dynamic production with the freshness offered by live performances and live music. from the next December 1 and until Sunday January 15will be held at the Amaya Theater in Madrid.