The great storm leaves millions in damage to premises and vineyards in the Ribeira Sacra

The entire day of Monday was a coming and going of agents from insurance companies and those responsible for neighborhood communities to assess the damage caused on Sunday afternoon by the Perfect storm that fell on Monforte. When asked, they did not hesitate to point out that one can “talk about millionaire losses.”

And it is that a measure of 64.6 liters per square meter was collected (81.7 in the agrarian school and 70.7 in The Pinguela) in less than two hours, an amount that fell with unusual force and that, in addition to flooding numerous streets in the city, entered dozens of commercial premises and caused damage to countless building roofs. There were also heavy hailstorms in some areas.

The mediator of an insurance agency, who preferred not to give his name, stated that Monday’s day was “crazy in terms of opening parts for movable and immovable damage”, such as wooden floors, ceilings and walls of affected premises and houses, merchandise ruined in shops in the city center or catering equipment, such as refrigerators and cold rooms, totally destroyed by the water.

Insurance mediators and real estate agents spent the entire day on Monday touring Monforte to record incidents

trough zones, such as The Company and the Doctor Goyanes Squarewere the most affected, but flat spaces such as O Morín, Valle Inclán or the parish of Piñeira were not spared, nor was the Monforte court, where the poor condition of its roof and the lack of cleanliness of its downspouts led to the water leaked into the interior, with the luck that it only affected the false ceilings of the corridors and these, without incidents in files or computer equipment.

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It was not the only public place damaged. In the pilgrim reception center they were busy on Monday morning cleaning the premises, as were the members of the Quixós Piraguismo Club. In your local, in the park of The Counts, the water reached a meter and a half in height. His volunteers took all the material outside to gradually return it to use for the many young people who practice this sport.

Damage to the Sober vineyards

This unusual stormy episode, comparable to a cold drop, not only affected Monforte, but also left its devastating effects on the nearby municipality of Sober. On Monday morning, the winegrowers of the Amandi subzone, within the denomination of origin Ribeira Sacrabegan assessing the damage, although both the regulatory council and several wine growers in the area spoke of the fact that between 20 and 30 percent of the surface area was affected, depending on the location of the vineyards.

The vines were in the process of flowering, so a good part of those affected could recover with the application of specific phytosanitary products.

It is not the first time that a similar situation has occurred in the Ribeira Sacra. The most recent happened in June 2021, when a hailstorm wiped out some 700,000 kilos of grapes in the Chantada area. Before, in July 2018, another storm destroyed 300,000 kilograms of fruit in the Amandi sub-area, which has 190 of the 1,276 hectares that have the denomination of origin.