World "The Green Deal cannot be a green patch on...

"The Green Deal cannot be a green patch on a predatory capitalism"


"It is urgent to drastically reduce our ecological footprint, to" consume "only one planet, to preserve the climate and biodiversity, to protect planetary commons" Brooke Auchincloss / Onoky / Photononstop

NOTe are experiencing a deadly crisis. To the destruction of our planet is added the inhuman multiplication of inequalities and injustices. We go straight into the wall, towards the environmental and social disaster. But there is no fatality. The solutions are there. The burning planet is now forcing humanity to get back on track, to end the world of predation in order to support the equal dignity of all.

And around the world, voices are rising to demand a change of model. The issue is clear: we must lead to a major political shift, to put the economy at the service of the planet and those who inhabit it. We want a Green New Deal that leaves no one behind, for France, for Europe, for the world. At a time when the European Commission is working on a Green Deal proposal, we want to clarify what should be at stake. Because words are important, and we don't want this deal to be an empty shell.

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Our Green Deal aims to respect climate objectives and obligations as well as planetary limits. Scientists tell us: we should reduce global carbon emissions by 7.6% per year. The European Union must be among those who act. For this, it must not be content to aim for carbon neutrality in the long term, but indeed act strongly during the coming decade, by targeting 65% reduction in CO2 emissions at least by 2030. on a global scale, we are currently exceeding 4 planetary limits out of the 9 established by research teams measuring the capacity of a world fit for human survival.

Regain control over money

It is urgent to drastically reduce our ecological footprint, to "consume" only one planet, to preserve the climate and biodiversity, to protect planetary commons. The European Union must turn its back on the Stability and Growth Pact, and integrate as a binding convergence objective the respect of planetary limits and climate objectives by the Member States. By always remaining vigilant that the measures put in place to fight climate change do not backfire on the most vulnerable populations.

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Our Green Deal aims to regain control over money and put it where it is needed – at the service of the citizens of the planet: rather than using taxpayers' money to build a deadly society (at least 112 billion euros of public investment per year in fossil fuels according to a report on the Union and 11 Member States), rather than exempting companies from income taxes, rather than alleviating natural disasters with the public budget, we propose to redirect these sums urgently towards the transition.


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