The green pass, the fines for those who do not have it and the quarantines that they would like to abolish

“Italy must make a very strong choice, the strongest in Europe, and embrace the Macron model, even strengthened”. It is the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta today who presses the majority on the issue of the expansion of the use of the Green Pass along the lines of what Macron announced in France which has restricted the use of public transport and access to public places possession of the anti Covid certification.

“This is the hour of responsibility and truth”, the Minister of Forces states in an interview with Milan Finance which admits that in the same majority there are opposing souls. Including the leader of the League Matteo Salvini who instead says he is opposed to obligations and sanctions. “The goal is to guarantee vaccines for over 70s without fining, punishing and chasing 20-30 year olds and they have the right to return to life”. This was stated by the Northern League leader speaking in Bassano del Grappa to collect signatures on the referendum on justice.

And he speaks of penalties because in the draft of the green pass decree there would also be fines of 400 euros for the customers of the restaurants found at the table without green certification and five days of closure for the managers. This too will be discussed on Monday or Tuesday during the control room convened by Prime Minister Mario Draghi to arrive perhaps as early as Thursday to approve the decree in the Council of Ministers. Pushing for the measures are above all Pd and Leu, with Minister Roberto Speranza convinced that more must be done against the spread of the Delta variant, which also hits hard in countries with a high rate of vaccinations (Israel and the United Kingdom where there is also a increase in serious cases especially among the unvaccinated, ed).

So what are the possible new uses of the Green Pass currently used only to access events such as stadiums and weddings? For the Head of Health in view of the possible closures that could emerge with provisions of new yellow zones already before the end of the month, the green pass will avoid closing bars, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums, cinemas, theaters by conditioning access only to vaccinated (with double dose), to “swabs” and to those recovered from covid. In addition, it will be necessary to present the certificate to get on trains, planes and ships, to access shopping centers and obviously to enter the disco if they reopen. At least this according to the advances that blurt out from the executive. What is certain is that the state of emergency will be extended, probably for the whole of 2021 to better manage the pandemic.

Green Pass, the news

  • expected a new decree during the week to allow entry to the premises indoors only to those with a green pass;
  • the green pass will allow you not to close bars and restaurants if the yellow areas return;
  • fines and penalties could be introduced for those who violate the rules;
  • it will have to be presented to use the means of transport;
  • it will be mandatory for school staff according to the latest recommendations made by the CTS to the Ministry of Education.

However, there are those who oppose impositions that are difficult to understand, such as the obligation of quarantine that in these days is also being imposed on vaccinated people as a result of the increase in infections. The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, in an interview with Corriere della Sera asks that all restrictions be removed for those who have a double dose of the vaccine. “What sense can a quarantine imposed on a subject with complete vaccination just because he came into contact with an infected person can have?”. Zaia asks, hoping for a model already implemented in Switzerland where those who are immunized are not subject to constraints.

Among the requests of the Regions of which Zaia is the spokesperson, there is also the re-dimensioning of the risk areas based only on the hospital load situation: a request that the Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced yesterday that he wanted to take charge.