The Grella under the magnifying glass of the Conmebol

The start of the Copa Libertadores de América is just around the corner. For this, the Board of Trustees was making improvements to the Grella stadium with a view to the historic participation of the entity from Paraná.

This Monday afternoon the inspection process of the Grella Stadium by Conmebol began.

board grella otra.jpg

Board of Trustees Press

The mother house of South American football, through a team of agronomists, began the inspection of the playing field of the Villa Sarmiento venue, in order to meet the suitable conditions to play the matches of the Board of Trustees in the Copa Libertadores.

The review will continue until this Tuesday afternoon. Then, the inspection team will submit a report to the organizing entity to issue the final decision.

Work began at the end of December. In the first instance, the leveling of the playing field of the stage located in the Villa Sarmiento neighborhood was carried out. Later they sowed the entire field and its missing areas. An intense fertilization plan was also carried out for a quick recovery of the same with double weekly fertilization. Said fertilization has macro and micro nutrients necessary for the lawn and its development.