The grocery stores in Winnipeg are open early so that seniors and vulnerable people can do their shopping

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A number of grocery stores in Winnipeg ensure that seniors have the opportunity to do their shopping without a large crowd.

Several grocery chains have committed to opening an hour earlier on selected days. This time is dedicated to seniors to shop in a less crowded environment and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get the supplies they need.

Stephen’s No Frills announced that it will be open an hour earlier on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Starting Tuesday, March 17th, all Winnipeg Food Fare locations will open early so that seniors can shop.

Shoppers Drug Mart has also committed to opening early.

“As of this week, Shoppers Drug Mart is dedicating the first opening hours of shopping in our stores to our customers who need help or consideration, including senior citizens and people with disabilities,” said a written statement from the grocery chain. “We recommend that you check with your local store to confirm hours of operation.”

In addition, Shoppers announced that it will grant a 20 percent discount on all items at the regular price for seniors at the regular price in the first hour of every day.

Dakota Family Foods also announced that it will open to senior citizens and vulnerable people on Thursdays at 7 a.m.



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