The Guardrails | Vîrus, your HP you can build it all by yourself, brick by brick


This week, we had the chance to welcome rapper Vîrus.

We discuss with him his EP “Huis-clos” released in 2015 which deals with different types of confinement: prison, addiction and madness. With “Navarre (Self Madman)”, he explores the confinement of psychiatric hospitals and how the elements that construct confinement can be found in and construct daily life.

We explore with him the place of fools today and how the norm imposes its own folly on us. He develops his relationship with loneliness and explains why, according to him, it can lead to a certain madness.

A new episode comes out every other Sunday at 5:35 p.m. (normally).

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A big thank you to Vîrus for taking the time to chat with him. We strongly advise you to listen to his sounds, especially the EP “Huis-Clos” from which you will hear several extracts and his latest album “Les Soliloques du Pauvre” adaptation of Jehan Rictus’ collection.

We kiss you. Kisses.