The guest came to the wedding in a bra "out of revenge" – Rambler / female

The guest came to the wedding in a bra "out of revenge"


The guest came to the wedding in a bra and was abused on social networks. On a post in the closed Facebook community That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming (“That's the way I mock weddings”), where ridiculous wedding dresses are made fun of, noticed in The Sun.

The photograph from the event captures two men, one of whom is dressed in a black shirt and trousers, and the second in a gray suit. Two girls pose with them: on the first – a silver dress with a v-neck, and on the second – a suit of nude color. The latter consists of a narrow skirt below the knees with cuts and a bra from the same fabric.

That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming Facebook Page

The picture gathered more than 600 comments in which the group's subscribers expressed their opinion about the guest’s attire. “I feel that she put him on in revenge to annoy the bride. Otherwise, why come to the wedding in a bra and without a top? ”One of them suggested. “This is a monstrous outfit,” the other was horrified. “I would never let her go to my triumph in this form,” said the third user of the social network. “Look, this rubbish is trying to look cool. It's disgusting, ”the fourth scolded.

In September, three couples married in their underwear, painting their bodies with wedding costumes. A follower of the same Facebook group posted a picture in which brides and grooms hold hands during the ceremony. The bodies of the brides are painted with white paint, and details of transparent fabric resembling the hem of dresses are attached to their legs and waists. Two suitors are “dressed up” in black suits, and a green kilt skirt is painted on the legs of the third.

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