The Gutschick school complex in Winterthur is being renovated

The Winterthur City Council has approved a loan of CHF 6.37 million for the renovation of the Gutschick school complex.

The Steinberggasse Winterthur. – / Simone Imhof


The Gutschick school complex was completed in 1967. The windows, part of the roof and the outer shell are at the end of their life cycle. With the urgently needed renovation, it can be ensured that the school building meets the safety regulations and can also be used in the future without restrictions.

The planned renovation mainly includes measures on the building envelope such as windows, external doors, sun protection, roofs and concrete facade. The windows are to be replaced by wood-metal windows. In addition, the roof of wing C will be completely renovated and the other roofs will be repaired. The concrete facade is cleaned, repaired and provided with a surface protection.

In addition, the installation of a photovoltaic system and minor work regarding fire protection, building services, statics and sewerage are planned. In addition, obstacle-free access will be ensured through the construction of a ramp and the installation of disabled toilets. The cost estimate for the renovation of the Gutschick schoolhouse is CHF 6.37 million. This is a tied investment.

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