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The gym in Milan with mixed showers for men and women: “For the politically correct”

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July 19, 2021 1:31 pm

Mixed showers, changing rooms without divisions. It happens at the Suzzani swimming pool in Milan, as reported by the municipal and regional councilor of the Lega, Massimiliano Bastoni, who explains that he has received numerous reports and speaks of “unisex cheating imposed on users”.

“They tell me that the recent renovation of the showers and dressing rooms has seen the elimination of the division between men and women, causing problems of mixed use and embarrassment”, says the exponent of the Carroccio, always referring to the complaints received from those who attend the sports center, which is managed by Milanosport and which has actually been involved in a series of jobs in recent times.

“The strippers of the swimming teams, not interested in the redevelopment, have maintained the distinction between the sexes while the new areas are marked by politically correct”, adds Bastoni. He then underlines how this choice does not take into account “the consequences and the sensitivity of users “.

“This is a subtle operation that imposes unisex cheating on users with the declared aim of breaking any correspondence between biological sexual identity and the structuring of personality, and which consequently destabilize the Milanese, in particular – concludes the councilor. – children who attend swimming lessons, modifying human anthropology itself “.


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