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The Haas boss gave a gift to the ever-spinning Mazepinen

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The bar will hit the weakest rookie in this year’s F1 field, Nikita Mazepin, who spins at least once almost every race weekend. Mocking the Russian pilot was almost a sport among the fans, and Günther Steiner, the team boss of the Haas stable, could not leave without a word.

There is no other driver in this year’s F1 field who has spun as many times in his first eight race weekends as Nikita Mazepin. The Russian rookie Haas is on 15 spins (this does not include slips or tracks when he has not spun) and will probably increase this number even more.

Ironically during the season, Monaco’s race weekend was the only one he didn’t turn to, and most recently he did it twice in Austria, in his second and third free practice sessions. After that, no wonder his boss surprised him with a funny gift.

Mazepin doesn’t go next door for a little spinSource: AFP / Nicolas Tucat

Mazepin was already nicknamed Mazespin (the word spin means English) at the very beginning of the season, and the Russian has been doing it for him ever since. They even created a website called mazesp.in to aggregate their rotations, and of course there is a counter that resets each spin.

While, of course, the team would be happier if Mazepin didn’t pirouette so much, Günther Steiner didn’t hesitate to make a joke of his insecure pilot and presented him at the Styrian Grand Prix with a whirlwind made for him with the Haas logo. “Here’s a little gift for you to keep on Mazespinelhess. Now you can spin. There are two of them. This is a Mazespin game. This has to be spun. It’s better than doing it with the car, “the team boss said with a smile.

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By the way, Mazepin accepted the gift well and even grabbed it in the Haas motorhome, and it didn’t spin on the timer and the race anymore, so for now, Steiner’s idea came in.

Steiner, Mazepin and Mazespin

The team boss said, by the way, that the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix had a very bad effect on the Russian (he spun there five times in total), but his self-confidence is already starting to return. “I would say that his self-confidence has suffered less. In Bahrain, the conditions were very difficult due to the track and the wind, which made it turn a few times, which made it a bit precarious. But I think he’s starting to get himself together now. It must have shocked him, but he’s gathering himself right now. I see progress in it. “

However, this development is not enough to beat his teammate Mick Schumacher on a regular basis, who also beat him very much at the Styrian Grand Prix and finished more than 40 seconds ahead, even though Mazepin was stuck behind the Russian until his first stand.

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