The hairdressing and aesthetics finals concluded the national competition “One of the best apprentices in France” in Chartres

It was in the presence of a large crowd that the hairdressing final of the competition “One of the best apprentices in France” took place this Sunday. The penultimate round of this national competition, which has been taking place at Chartrexpo since last Tuesday.

“There are a lot of parents, brothers, sisters and friends who came to accompany the candidates,” explains Annick Guillaume-Ipcar, the regional and departmental president of this competition.

30 young women and 2 men

“It’s more artistic every year,” she says, a connoisseur, she who was a hairdresser for 22 years in Châteaudun. “It represents hours and hours of work. Because the main difficulty in hairdressing is that you have to start all over again each time. Just because you pulled off your curls the day before doesn’t mean it will happen again the next day ”.

Annabelle Prévost, from Ormoy, misses the title of best apprentice in France by a fraction of a point

The 32 candidates present yesterday (30 young women and 2 men), coming from all regions of France, had to carry out two separate tests around the “big night” theme.

“At first, they have 55 minutes to create an artistic structure in the colors of exotic flowers on a malleable head,” explains Virginie Cabaret, from Le Mans (Sarthe), best worker in France 2015 and business manager for this national hairdressing final. .

“Then they have 55 minutes to do an evening hairstyle or a creative cut on their model, dressed in evening dress. In both cases, we expect artistic hairstyles giving free rein to the inspiration of the candidates, but within a technical framework ”.

“These young people only have a year and a half of practice”

Manon, from Passins (Isère), Lucie, from Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Moussa, from Lyon (Rhône) or Valentine, from Lorient (Morbihan), were some of the candidates to demonstrate a very technical mastery. impressive.

“Especially when we know that these young people only have a year and a half of practice as part of their initial training”, specifies Gérard Guillois, best worker in France 1986 and commissioner of this national final.

“I will meet you in March, probably at the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Paris, for your awards ceremony”

Michel Bellanger (empty)

At the time of the announcement of the results, the tension was at its height on the podium. “I believe that this is the first time that we have gathered so many candidates in a national event,” said Michel Bellanger, national president of the “One of the best apprentices in France” competition, before Virginie Cabaret announced to 16 candidates. that they obtained the title of best apprentice in France, concluded Michel Bellanger.

Aesthetic. It is a competition of aesthetics and the art of make-up which concluded this week of finals of the competition “One of the best apprentices of France”, yesterday afternoon, at Chartrexpo. 27 candidates, including a single boy, took part in this three-hour test during which they had to make up a hostess for a salon on the theme of the four seasons. “It is a question of making a beauty make-up with artistic motifs on the face and on the neckline”, explains Friedrich Subra, best worker in France 2000 – the only man in this category – and business manager responsible for supervising this competition. “The candidates must also apply varnish with a pattern on the two thumbs of their model, in accordance with the theme of make-up”, specifies the professional, who also teaches this discipline at the Lycée Charles-Baudelaire in Évry (Essonne) .