The Half Marathon World Championships on October 17 in Gdynia

The Gdynia Half Marathon will take place despite the pandemic, but under the sanitary regime. Nearly 250 men and women will stand at the starting line of the World Cup.

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Despite the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, the half-marathon world championships postponed from March will be held in Gdynia on Saturday, October 17. Nearly 250 runners will cover the loops four times starting at Kościuszko Square and finishing on the beach. The start of the women’s run at 11. The gentlemen will run at 12:30. The best in the world will take part in the competition, and the competition will be possible to follow thanks to Internet transmission.

The World Half Marathon Championship was originally scheduled to take place on March 29. The competition of the top 21.0975 runners was postponed to October 17 due to the COViD-19 pandemic. The coronavirus does not let go, but Saturday’s party will take place, although of course in an appropriate sanitary regime.

The change of the date did not adversely affect the cast of the World Athletics Half Marathon Championships Gdynia 2020. Participation and the fight for the gold medal have already been confirmed by the world’s biggest running stars. As many as 15 runners can boast of life records below 60 minutes, and the results achieved for the next 14 are within 61 minutes.

This is what it was supposed to look like – the 2020 World Half Marathon Championship. Finish on the beach

Among women, the top 10 runners have “bests” in the half-marathon at 1:06:30 or faster, and 21 more ran under 69 minutes. The participants of the World Athletics Half Marathon Championships Gdynia 2020 will include half-marathon record holders from Africa, Europe and Asia.

Among 250 athletes from over 50 teams there are, among others: the world record holder in 5,000 m and 10,000 m Joshua Cheptegei from Uganda, author of the best this year’s result in the world (58:38) Kenyan Kibiwott Kandie or world record holders in the half marathon Peres Jepchirchir from Kenya and Ababel Yeshaneh from Ethiopia.

This is what the Gdynia half marathon looked like in 2019

The run route consists of a loop that runners will cover four times.

mat. press releases

Poland will be represented by: Krystian Zalewski (UKS Barnim Goleniów), Adam Nowicki (MKL Szczecin), Adam Głogowski (UKS Ekonomik-Maratończyk Lębork), Damian Kabat (WMLKS Pomorze Stargard), Katarzyna Jankowska (KS Podlasie Białystok), Aleksandra Lisowska (KS AZS UWM Olsztyn), Angelika Mach (AZS UMCS Lublin) and Izabela Paszkiewicz (AZS UMCS Lublin).

The route of Saturday’s run changed from one loop of 21.097 km to four loops of about 5.5 km, around the center of Gdynia, and then ends at the city beach. The start of the ladies will take place at 11 am, the men will run at 12:30.

This will be the first World Athletics Series event since the pandemic started earlier this year. At the end of August, the organizers were forced to make a very difficult decision to cancel the mass run, which was to accompany the World Half-marathon Championship, and its starting list included over 27,000 people. people.

Announcement by the organizers of the World Half Marathon Championships to the participants of the mass run

The race will now take the form of a virtual competition. Each competitor who has registered for the original date has the right to transfer from the conventional race to the virtual race and start with all of the 17 October, retaining all the benefits resulting from participation in the championship: official Asics T-shirt, commemorative backpack, starting number and a unique finisher medal .

In connection with the organization, preparation and conduct of the half-marathon world championships, in the coming days, the inhabitants of Gdynia are waiting changes in traffic organization. The reorganization will mainly cover streets located in the city center. The biggest changes will be felt on Saturday, October 17, the day of the championship.

Where is the money from the entry fee to the Gdynia 2020 Half Marathon World Championships?

In connection with the organization, preparation and conduct of the half-marathon world championships, the inhabitants of Gdynia will face changes in the organization of traffic in the coming days. The reorganization will mainly cover streets located in the city center. The biggest changes will be felt on Saturday, October 17, the day of the championship.

The route of the competition includes the following streets: Kościuszko Square – 10 Lutego (from Kościuszko Square to Władysława IV) – Władysława IV (from February 10 to Piłsudski – a turn to Żwirka i Wigury) – Żwirki i Wigury – Świętojańska (from Żwirka i Wigury to Piłsudski) – Piłsudskiego – Seaside Boulevard- al. Topolowa. The route will be closed to traffic between 8-16.

Additionally, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the section of ul. February 10 from ul. Dworcowa to ul. Władysław IV. Between 10:30 and 14:00 the road of al. Zwycięstwa leading the movement towards the Center (from the intersection with ul. Wielkopolska).

  • departure from the area located between the tracks and streets 10 Lutego- Władysława- Obrońców Wybrzeża will be possible through one lane of ul. Władysław IV in the direction of the Maximilian Junction,
  • access to the hospital will be maintained from the side of ul. Dworcowa and Plac Konstytucji (along Starowiejska and Wójta Radtkego Streets),
  • it will be possible to drive one lane along ul. February 10 from ul. Świętojańska to ul. Władysław IV,
  • it will be possible to leave the area surrounded by the competition route via Kamienna Góra (crossing the competition route in both directions at the intersection of Legionów and Piłsudskiego streets) or via ul. Władysława IV towards ul. Jana z Kolna (the section from the intersection with ul. Obrońców Wybrzeża with the crossing of the race route in one direction at the intersection with ul. 10 Lutego),
  • it will be possible to cross the route of the competition at the intersections of ul. Świętojańska with Kilińskiego and Traugutta streets,
  • Świętojańska in the section between Żwirki i Wigury and Zygmuntowska streets, it will be possible to travel in two directions

  • entry and exit from Kamienna Góra will be possible through the intersection of Legionów and Piłsudskiego streets (intersection of the competition route),
  • departure will also be possible via ul. Armii Krajowej to ul. Władysława crossing the race route at the intersection of ul. Władysława IV from ul. February 10,
  • on ul. Słowackiego and at ul. Soldiers of the 1st Army of the Polish Army (between Świętojańska and Słowackiego streets) will be able to move in two directions.
  • In addition, due to the preparations for the competition, on October 14-18, 2020 the road of Kościuszko Square will be closed to traffic on the section from ul. Świętojańska to ul. Żeromski. The middle lane of Kościuszko Square (the area of ​​the Monument to the Maritime Poland and the fountains) and the section of ul. Washington, between the lanes of Kościuszko Square



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