The Hamas Tunnel Is a Terrible Specter for the Israeli Army

PALESTINA – The Hamas tunnels are a terrible scourge for the Israeli army. The Israelis have always claimed to have succeeded in destroying the tunnels that Hamas often used to carry out sudden ground attacks on Israeli territory.

As claimed by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) on May 17, where they claimed to have succeeded in destroying a 15 kilometer long Hamas tunnel. “(The tunnel) which is 9.3 miles long can no longer be used,” wrote the IDF statement quoted by the BBC.

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It’s just that as before, these tunnels are always there and remain a terrible weapon for Hamas in carrying out sudden guerrilla attacks on Israeli forces. For example, when Hamas succeeded in kidnapping the Israeli tank troop, Gilad Schalid in 2006. At that time, only relying on 7 Hamas soldiers who entered through the tunnel, two Israeli tank troops died on the spot and one person was kidnapped, namely Gilad Schalid.

The Hamas tunnel was first built in 2006. It was former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniye who initiated the Hamas tunnel. Ismail Haniye was quoted on The Tower website even claiming the tunnel they made was twice as wide as the one made by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

Even though it was initiated by Hamas, the tunnel actually already existed. The Palestinians have used the tunnels since the 1990s to make ends meet, which are hindered by the blockade created by Israel. They smuggle goods from sympathetic countries through the tunnels.

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The tunnel was recently upgraded by Ismail Haniye as a war strategy against the Israeli army. He wanted attacks on Israel not only through the air (rockets) but also from under the ground (tunnels).

Unlike the visible rocket attacks, the invisible tunnel attacks are the ones Hamas relies on the most. This is why Ismail Haniye named the tunnel the Terror Tunnel. It was called terror because only Hamas people understood the tunnel’s existence. Starting from the number to the location.

The Hamas Tunnel Is a Terrible Specter for the Israeli Army

Hamas is indeed trying to make the tunnels very careful so that Israel does not detect them. Instead of using electric tools to dig tunnels, they used a mechanical device with pedals to dig tunnels. So when the Israeli troops were fast asleep on it, the Hamas soldiers were unwittingly busy making tunnels without a sound.

The Israeli military estimates that Hamas spent around $ 30 million to $ 90 million in the construction of the terror tunnel. At least more than 600,000 tonnes of concrete have supported the tunnel that is kilometers away.

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