The hard blow that Cristiano Ronaldo received and left more than one worried

Cristiano Ronaldo caused many of his fans will worry a few minutes after the start of the match between the Czech Republic and Portugal, in a match for the Nations League played this Saturday.

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Twelve minutes into the first half, the entire Fortuna Arena in Prague was paralyzed, after the play in which the Portugal captain jumped to try to head a ball and receives the fists of the rival goalkeeper.

When falling, both abruptly, the figure of Manchester United left with a face full of bloodwhich caused the medical staff to enter the court to assist him.

CR7 left the court, they cleaned the blood, with a small band they solved the problem and he played again, completing 90 minutes.

Portugal ended up defeating the Czech Republic 0-4 in Prague, in match for the fifth round of Group B of the League of Nations.