The harsh beginnings of a new civilization. Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves series shows another clash of robots and humans

Spreading humanity to other planets is not a discovery idea, but mostly serves only as a premise for a different story. On the contrary, one of the most interesting television projects of this year focuses on the very process of educating a new civilization. Not an easy task in the series Raised by Wolves two androids were in charge and a full-fledged trailer suggests that there will be an intellectual and physical clash of species.

Not so long ago, sci-fi television meant somewhat artificial stories, visibly plastic scenery, obvious rubber masks, and inadvertently comic visual effects. But the golden age of quality television means that series with robots, artificial intelligence or aliens can be more attractive than movies for cinema. One of the masters of the genre, Ridley Scott, is well aware of this Raised by Wolves created for HBO.

But the main benefit of high production qualities in sci-fi television is not just nice visuals. A fundamental change is the greater credibility of the presented environments, which engulf the audience and thus convey interesting ideas much more suggestively. Ridley Scott for his latest contributions to the genre in the form of Promethea a Intruder: Covenant he did not reap much praise, but they cannot be denied the effort to work with the central idea of ​​science fiction – an alternative reality to reflect ours.


Ridley Scott during the filming of the film Alien: Covenant

Foto: 20th Century Fox

This means that Prometheus he toyed with the idea of ​​answering one of the deepest human questions (“Where did we come from?”) and lured both his characters and the audience on a fascinating journey. For many, the negative surprise was the complete rejection of the answer, almost spitting in the face. Alien: Covenant he went a little further – he asked what had happened to our creators, and again he provided a fundamentally nihilistic, even anti-religious interpretation.

Novelty Raised by Wolves he sets out into a completely different world, but the parallels with Scott’s other work are obvious. Here, too, are androids at the center and their strange, potentially destructive understanding of people. While in horror films, the ambition to explore similar relationships may seem out of place, a significantly larger area of ​​the series provides an ideal opportunity to do so.

Matches with destructive nature

Right in the basic synopsis of the novelty, great topics such as the development of religion and social engineering appear. Modern Western society is already largely atheistic, and this practice is typically associated with increasing levels of education. But the belief in something beyond known reality is probably completely natural to man, so that in some form it appears in any society. The new television sci-fi will probably also work with this premise.

Equally natural is the development of various religious tendencies, the core of which may be almost the same, but differences in detail quickly result in sharp disputes. Androids, on the other hand, would probably not have the mental qualities that support similar phenomena at all and perceive them as confusing, highly irrational, and undesirable. Especially when their task is to educate a new civilization plagued by religious conflicts.

At this point, the series leaves the disturbing retelling of a fable about three piglets and sharpened action scenes full of unknown technologies begin. After humanity reaches the brink of extinction by destroying the Earth and embarks on a new planet, it will be forced to face its own destructive nature again. This time, however, artificial intelligence has also entered the equation, which transcends our animal tendencies and becomes slaves.


Raised by Wolves will introduce humanity to educated androids

Photo: HBO

Ridley Scott participated in the entire project as an executive producer, directing the first two parts himself. The main creator and screenwriter is Aaron Guzikowski, who made a name for himself mainly as a screenwriter of a thriller Disappearance by Denise Villeneuva.

Viewers will be able Raised by Wolves watch from September 3 this year. The series is scheduled as an exclusive title for HBO Max subscribers, which is currently only available in the United States. So far, the question remains when we will get to it in the Czech Republic through official routes.

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