The head of AvtoVAZ told how they will replace the Jatco variator with Lada

Unofficial data suggests that Chinese continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) will be available in all Lada models, with the exception of Niva SUVs. In three years, it is estimated that 60 percent of Lada cars sold will have a two-pedal system. Initially, the Chinese gearbox will be paired with the 16-valve VAZ-21129 engine.

The head of AvtoVAZ, the company that manufactures Lada cars, recently revealed how they plan to replace the Jatco variator with the Chinese CVT. They plan to use a CVT with a torque converter, which will provide smoother gear shifts and improved fuel efficiency. Additionally, the CVT will be equipped with a special control system to ensure optimal performance. This system will monitor and adjust the gear ratio according to the driving conditions, allowing for a more comfortable and efficient ride.