The head of the BMA: Listen to the experts about the vaccines, not the politicians

Listen to experts about vaccines, not politicians. This was called for by the head of the Bulgarian Medical Union, Dr. Ivan Madjarov, who participated in a briefing of the Ministry of Health and the nationally represented patient organizations.

The situation is critical, we are facing a huge threat and this requires joint action. We call for cooperation and national mobilization, said Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

We call on the Bulgarian people to protect themselves. Especially in the last stage of the pandemic, it proved that without nurses and midwives the situation is very tragic, said the president of the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals Milka Vasileva. We explained that social distance should be respected and citizens should be immunized. Unfortunately, we were not understood. About 45% of the nurses in our country are already immunized, unfortunately they are few. The health system must survive and continue to exist, Vasileva added.

Dr. Nikolay Sharkov, President of the Bulgarian Dental Association, clarified that the current picture is difficult. He said more than 40% of dentists had been vaccinated. This is good, but not very good, because dentists work “at the entrance of the infection.” The only thing that can save us is vaccination, he added.

What can lead to death is COVID-19, we lost a lot of bright personalities without time due to the infection. This cannot go on any longer, we must touch the human soul so that we can convince everyone of the rights to health protection, Sharkov added.

Prof. Serbezova, President of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, stated that over 90% of the hospitalized patients have not been vaccinated. He stated that fear fights knowledge, knowledge must be provided by doctors, specialists, institutions in an accessible and understandable way. The Medicines Agency must also take a stand on this belated educational campaign. Only the appeal will not work, we must have a plan that includes all institutions to overcome this fear. The numbers are definite, clear. I remind you that at the moment we are gaining from a lot of misinformation, we have to pull people out of this circle of misinformation, Serbezova added.

Dr. Ivan Madjarov, chairman of the BMA, said that against the background of 90% of people who claim that the vaccine helps and vaccines have saved humanity, there are those, mostly politicians, who argue and claim things that come with it. its only suffering and death. Because none of these allegations have been confirmed in the last 1-2 years, said Dr. Madjarov. No one wants to harm their patients, he added. So far, time has shown that conspiracy theories need to be set aside and we need to focus on the issues around us. The science before the conspiracy and the science before thinking that you are the modern Galileo and carrying only suffering, he added.

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It is obvious that Bulgaria has failed with vaccines. This is not scary, but not to admit it, said Dr. Stanimir Hasardjiev, chairman of the National Patient Organization. There is a tough wave ahead that requires bold action, which means being non-standard in what we do. Not only do pharmacists get vaccinated, but let’s learn from those who have over 80% vaccination. Including in England, people with non-medical education get vaccinated. The problem here is the lack of ambassadors, which is the most sensible solution. My message is very simple to those who are hesitant – I hope they do not understand in a difficult way that there is no conspiracy in kovida. Not only is there no conspiracy, but it takes victims.

Dr. Hasardjiev said that the most contraindicated thing is to have concomitant diseases and get sick. He urged people not to hesitate. “For God’s sake, brothers – get vaccinated!”, Concluded Dr. Hasardjiev.

Plamen Taushanov, chairman of BAZP, gave an example of how people did not want to vaccinate their children against measles and 24,000 became ill. He called for a campaign to investigate attitudes. He said that it was necessary to distinguish truth from falsehood.

The President of the Association for the Development of Bulgarian Healthcare, Dr. Boryana Boteva, called on the specialists to present impartial and scientifically proven information, and not one that tipped the scales for or against. If people have the right information, they will be vaccinated, said Dr. Boteva. There is a lot of work to be done here and this is my recommendation to the Ministry of Health, she added.

Minister Katsarov specified that this wave is the heaviest, as the delta variant is the most dangerous and deadly. The health system is doing well so far, but the coming weeks will be critical. Let us take responsibility to deal with this crisis, he said.

Katsarov turned to the medical staff, but especially to those in the covid wards: “I know how difficult it is for them physically, mentally and emotionally, but I can say that I am proud of them when I see what they are doing to the best of their ability. But this is not just a healthy crisis, this is a national disaster, the health system cannot cope on its own without the participation of all of us as citizens.

If we all do not get along, we must follow a few simple rules, we can get out of this crisis. Wear these damn masks, limit contact for the next few weeks, disinfect, ventilate, stay away. The most important thing – get vaccinated – this is the thing that will take us out of this disaster and restore our normal way of life, will bring the children back to school. All other measures are only postponing, “said the Minister of Health. He specified that in the countries where they were vaccinated, fewer people die.

Vaccines are safe, he repeated.

As a symbol of standing together and united in the call for joint action to vaccinate and limit this infection, Katsarov called on colleagues to stand up and hold hands – to show people that they are together against this disaster.

310 people died with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. This is the highest mortality per day reported since the beginning of the pandemic in our country. 6007 are newly infected or this is 12% of the nearly 50,000 tests performed.

More than 102,000 are already active cases of the disease in the country. 8030 people are treated in hospitals, 669 of them in intensive care units.