The head of the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife prevents a union meeting at the headquarters alleging COVID alert

The chief commissioner of the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Carmen Delia González, has denied the union organizations UGT, CCOO, CSIF, Intersindical Canaria and ASIPAL Canarias the holding of an assembly of officials of the Police itself at the headquarters of the body on October 14 alleging alert for COVID-19.

“In response to your request for authorization to use the police facilities for the assembly of Local Police officials,” begins the letter in which Delia González bases her decision, “taking into account that we are at a health alert level 1 by COVID-19, and that the dependencies of this headquarters do not meet the appropriate conditions for said assembly, I refer you to the Occupational Risk Prevention Area to assign them an adequate space to hold it.

In this sense, it is convenient to remember that, as of June 9, 2022, all prevention measures against the virus are temporarily suspended in the Canary Islands, as agreed by the regional government. What the aforementioned unions want is to meet to deal with some current issues, such as the modification of overtime, reinforcements or the list of jobs.

Precisely, CSIF recalled this week, as a result of a massive fight in a nightclub in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, that there is a “lack of reinforcements for weekend nights”, pointing directly to the Department of Citizen Security and Mobility of the Santacrucero City Council, directed by the deputy tranfuga Evelyn Alonso.

For her part, the chief commissioner of the Local Police of the capital of Tenerife, Carmen Delia González, who now does not see the leadership as “adequate” for a union assembly, did celebrate a party in the offices of the body in full state of alarm, the April 30, 2020, in violation of all COVID-19 protection regulations at the time.

“We can give citizens a poor example when those responsible for enforcing the rules and establishing sanctions break the law,” said a police spokesman at the time.