Head “the Ural airlines” Sergey Skuratov believes that international flights could resume as early as August or September. In his opinion, this will happen in stages — first in the CIS, and then gradually in other countries

Sergey Skuratov

(Photo: Press-service “the Ural airlines”)

International flights could resume as early as “August-September”, says CEO and largest co-owner “the Ural airlines” Sergey Skuratov. He told about it in an interview with RBC.

He predicts that this will happen gradually, in the first stage can access the CIS countries. “Maybe [разрешат полеты] to Georgia. In August-September, you may open up international flights. Also in stages, but one has to start somewhere,” said Skuratov.

The head of “Ural airlines” — RBC: “Trying to convince passengers to fly”

Photo: Ladislav Karpov / TASS

Flights abroad was banned the government on March 27 due to pandemic coronavirus. The period of the ban were not disclosed. To Georgia flights was banned from 8 July 2019 amid anti-Russian protests, the decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

In “Aeroflot” also I think the possible resumption of flights abroad in the middle of summer, if implemented optimistic scenario. About the possibility of opening of flights abroad in the summer said and the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich. And S7 CEO Vladislav Filev is more pessimistic. It believesthat the international traffic will be opened only in April 2021. “Measures of self-isolation will lead to the fact that sick of a small number of people — we don’t get herd immunity, which suggests the second wave of the epidemic”, — he explained.


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