The headlines of the express of this Tuesday, April 20, 2021

In one of l’express: Digital control: ICT Attack! Other title: Suspended from Parliament: Boolell, Bérenger and Bhagwan carry their suspension to the Supreme Court.

Digital control: ICT Attack!

The government seems to want to confirm the country’s slide towards autocracy with the proposed amendments to the Information and Communication Technologies Act. The “Consultation Paper”, issued Friday, aimed at intervening directly on digital platforms (social networks in particular) to control their content raises such an outcry that the ICTA issued a press release yesterday to explain that messengers such as Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp are not affected by this filter at source. However, in the document on the amendments, by trying to justify its approach, the authority takes for example WhatsApp for the dissemination of rumors (and Myanmar, example of democracy) … Is it testing the popular reaction? In the meantime, what if the government put its energy into tackling the root of the problem, which begins with education, racism, pedophilia, violence, popular anger, instead of generalizing censorship? By creating a common reflection, a committee of wise men, to empower everyone, between freedom of expression and respect for everyone …

  • The opposition for a demonstration and a solicitation of the Supreme Court
  • Ish Sookun : “The authors of the paper could not define the problem they want to address”
  • Are affected: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Snapchat, Vimeo, Medium, TikTok.

Boolell, Bérenger and Bhagwan take their suspension to the Supreme Court

The speaker and the Prime Minister have violated the Constitution. This is what Arvin Boolell, Paul Bérenger and Rajesh Bhagwan say. They challenge their indefinite suspension from Parliament in the Supreme Court.

Freedom of movement: All deputies will be entitled to WAP

Good news for the parliamentary opposition yesterday. After the police commissioner decides to grant a Work Access Permit (WAP) to PMSD MP Richard Duval, so should the other 25 opposition MPs and government backbenchers.

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