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The headquarters of Zelensky Poroshenko accused in the shortage of people in the precinct election commission

Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky, at a meeting of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF), accused her of delaying the allocation of frequencies to operators in the 3.4-3.8 GHz range for 5G networks. So he commented on the refusal of the commission to extend the validity of the pilot zones, in which 5G in this range was tested by Rostelecom and Megafon. The item on the extension of their validity was initially included in the draft decision of the SCRF, but was subsequently removed from the document, Oseevsky said. This happened at the request of "Roskosmos" and security agencies, said the representative of the Ministry of Communications.

The study of the issue has not been completed yet, said Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications Oleg Ivanov. He promised to inform the members of the commission at the part of the meeting that was closed to journalists. According to Ivanov, it is advisable to study the issue of using for 5G frequencies in the 3.4-3.8 GHz range currently employed by fixed wireless operators.

In late March, the Ministry of Defense prepared a review on prepared Ministry of Communications the project of the concept of development and creation of networks of the fifth generation in Russia. According to the ministry, it is too early for cellular operators to transfer frequencies for use to deploy 5G communications. “Vedomosti” got acquainted with the part of the document, its content was confirmed by a person close to the relevant department, a federal official and employees of two operators. One of the sources familiar with the document said that the frequencies approved by the commission are not suitable for mass use. There is no commercial equipment for the 4.8–4.99 GHz band, and the 27.1–27.5 GHz band is suitable only for local coverage, he specified. In turn The range of 3.4-3.8 GHz, for which there is equipment, is occupied by communications of the Ministry of Defense, a federal official said. Without the frequencies used by the military, unmanned transport, telemedicine, the Internet of things are impossible, source close to the relevant department. In the future, due to the increasing load on the current cellular networks, the quality of communication will decrease, he said.



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