“the health service is shutting down”

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The aim of the assemblies is to share the contents of the Manifesto which denounces the very serious state of hardship experienced by the category and invites citizens to mobilize in defense of the health service.“Dear patient, – reads the appeal of the Manifesto – the right to health of citizens in Puglia is in danger […]. For this reason, the general practitioners of Fimmg Puglia have proclaimed a state of agitation. Defend your health with us and ask politics to invest in the human resources of the Apulian health system before it’s too late. Let’s not let our health service shut down!The requests made by the Manifesto are summarized in 5 points:Less bureaucracy, to be able to devote more time to treatmentMore organization, for adequate assistanceMore doctors, for better careMore resources, for a health service that responds to health needsMore security, so you don’t have to live with fearThe suffocating bureaucracy takes away more and more time from patient care and debases the exercise of the profession, stealing precious time from doctors and citizens. Time that should be spent caring for and listening to patients. For a health service capable of responding to the growing health needs of citizens, it is necessary to reorganize local medicine, supporting doctors with funds for study staff and nurses and simplifying IT processes that are currently fragmented and tortuous. Furthermore, it is necessary to invest more resources in the health service, above all to deal with the dramatic shortages of personnel in the 118, in family medicine and in continuity of care, where working conditions are now unsustainable and cause a further haemorrhage of human resources.Finally, it is necessary to guarantee the safety of doctors, who often suffer episodes of physical and verbal violence. In fact, continuity of care, 118 and family doctors become the lightning rod for the inefficiencies of the health system. Organizational deficiencies therefore not only endanger the safety of citizens and medical personnel, but also undermine the alliance between doctors and patients.

“Two months after the state of turmoil was announced – declares Donato Monopoli, Secretary of Fimmg Puglia – It is time to claim together more doctors and more resources, for a General Medicine which, starting from the Apulian model launched in 2007, responds to the real needs of health of Apulian citizens.”
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