The healthiest sauce for your fries is certainly not mayonnaise, these sauces do it better

Michaël Sels, chief dietitian at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA)

No cafe without beer, but also no chips from the chip shop without sauce. And luckily for the enthusiasts, the offer is huge: from a classic mayonnaise to Joppie and even Chinese sauce. But which sauce is the healthiest? Michaël Sels, chief dietitian at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) explains.

Lien Lammens

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 17:00

Bad news for those who like a classic, because mayonnaise is certainly not the healthiest choice. “If we look purely at the calories, then that is ketchup. It contains no fat and 1 gram of fat contains 9 kilocalories, a gram of sugar contains ‘only’ 4 kilocalories. So if we go by that, ketchup wins. But I have to make a small side note: ketchup still contains a lot of sugar, so it is certainly not a good example when we talk about healthy food. But on the other hand, if you visit the chip shop, you obviously don’t go there for healthy and balanced food.”

For those who like to eat a sauce with their fries, we have listed some popular sauces:

tomato ketchup (per 15 gram)

* 15,3 kcal

* 3.42 grams of sugar

* 0.09 grams of salt

* 0.015 grams of saturated fats

* 75 kcal

* 0.6 grams of sugar

* 0.34 grams of salt

* 7.8 grams of fats of which 0.6 grams are saturated fats

* 85 kcal

* 1 gram sugar

* 0.15 grams of salt

* 8.7 grams of fats of which 0.7 grams are saturated fats

Mayonnaise with eggs (per 15 gram)

* 91 kcal

* 0.5 grams of sugar

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* 0.13 grams of salt

* 10 grams of fats of which 0.8 grams are saturated fats

* 101 kcal

* 0.3 grams of sugar

* 0.25 grams of salt

* 10.9 grams of fats of which 0.8 grams are saturated fats

Conclusion? If we look purely at the number of kilocalories per 15 grams, which comes down to a dollop of sauce, then samurai, not mayonnaise, comes out as the big loser, with no less than 101 kcal per 15 grams of sauce. With the exception of sugar, ketchup scores best in all areas and is therefore the ‘healthiest sauce’ of this selection. If you opt for the more spicy curry ketchup variant, the kilocalories go up slightly (21.6) and the sugars also rise to 4.5 grams.