The heart of a former mayor of Verviers discovered in a fountain

The box containing the heart of the first mayor of Verviers, Paul David, was discovered on August 20 in the very heart of the eponymous fountain located Place Verte in Verviers, said Monday Maxime Degey, the alderman for works of the City. This discovery took place within the framework of the “Verviers, friendly city” project. An urban legend thus becomes reality. Numerous historical traces reported the presence of a box hidden within the Fontaine David located at Place Verte, box containing the heart of Paul David who was, from 1798 until 1839, the year of his death, mayor. de Verviers under different regimes. He was also the first burgomaster of Verviers at the time of the creation of Belgium.

The municipal authorities decided to take his heart which was initially kept in the Town Hall before being placed on June 25, 1883 within the fountain located on Place Verte which bears his name, fountain erected 44 years old after his death.

This box, which has not been opened, is on display on the first floor of the Musée des Beaux-Arts located rue Renier. It is accessible to the general public until September 20 in a room specially dedicated to Pierre David.


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