The heart of Anne de Bretagne stolen in Nantes


The Dobrée museum was the victim of a terrible flight on the night of April 13 to 14: a gold reliquary of the Queen of France, of inestimable value, was stolen. A Hindu statue and a set of gold coins have also disappeared.
The regional daily Ocean Press unveiled the news just hours after the fact, discovered by the staff of the establishment. The Thomas-Dobrée Museum in Nantes was robbed of an emblematic piece of the City in the night from Friday to Saturday. It is the reliquary of the heart of Anne of Brittany: an object, according to the director of the establishment, Julie Pellegrin, of a “level absolutely unique international heritage”.

GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP A security alarm was triggered, a golden Hindu statue and a set of gold coins were also stolen. Several windows were fractured. The County Council of Loire-Atlantique filed a complaint and the criminal investigation center of Nantes was seized of the investigation. Saturday, the museum announced “closed” to the public to promote the investigation. A piece of inestimable value This reliquary, made in 1514 when Anne de Bretagne died at the age of 36, then Queen of France (she was widow of Charles VIII and wife of Louis XII), is a small masterpiece of goldsmithery. About fifteen centimeters high, this oval-shaped receptacle surmounted by a golden crown (a frieze composed of clovers and fleurs de lys) was designed to house the young woman’s heart. The latter, who knew that she would be buried at the royal necropolis of Saint-Denis, wanted her heart to rest in her hometown, Nantes. Hence the design of a funeral box in gold to collect the organ. The president of the Department Philippe Grosvalet quickly reacted to the theft, recalling that the piece had been presented to the museum for more than 130 years. “The burglars have attacked our common heritage and in particular a piece of invaluable value. Much more than a symbol, the heart of Anne of Brittany belongs to our history. Queen Anne, Duchess of Brittany, wished that her heart be buried with her parents. Saved from the cast after the Revolution, it has been preserved in the Dobrée Museum since 1886, “he said in a statement. For the mayor of the city, Johanna Rollad, “this magnificent object, masterpiece of goldsmithing of the early 16th century, naturally has a very high heritage value”. But also “for the whole of Nantes and Nantes, a particular sentimental importance, related to the personality of Anne of Brittany and the footprint she left in the history of Nantes”. “If by chance what motivated was the fact that it shone and it was gold, it seems to me decisive that people understand that the relationship between the heritage and symbolic value of this object which represents a hundred grams of gold, it has nothing to do, “for her part warned Catherine Touchefeu – departmental advisor culture and heritage – at the microphone of France Blue Loire Ocean . The three stolen objects are part of the exhibition “Travel in the collections” presented for a year, and until September 30th. The text engraved on the golden case: “In this small ship / Fine pure gold and munde / Rest ung greater cueur / That any lady had in munde / Anne was the name delle / In France twice royal / Duchess Bretons / Royal and Sovereign “.


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