The heritage of Lionel Messi: the money he earned, the millionaire contracts and his most incredible luxuries

Lionel Messi He is one of the best soccer players in history and throughout his professional career he managed to increase his wealth thanks to the big contracts he got with Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and the different brands that managed to convince him to be the main image. That is why the figure of him also generates intrigue from economic analysts around the world: what is your fortune?

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Lionel Messi’s heritage: how much money did he earn from playing football?

In the year 2021 the magazine Forbes made an extensive analysis of the contract numbers of the Argentine and prepared a report where he calculates that since his debut he reaped more than 800 million euros. That based on the links with Barcelona and PSG in the last 18 years.

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Forbes calculates estimates based on prize money, salaries and bonuses.

The same source assures that in 2022 he earned 126 million dollarsproduct of 71 million direct contracts with PSG and some 55 million for sponsorships with different brands.

Who are Lionel Messi’s sponsors?

His first great ally in his football career was Adidas. The link began in 2006 after a long fight with Nike, the other sportswear giant that wanted to feature the face (and feet) of Lionel Messi.

In these years, the 10 represented MasterCard, Pepsi, Gatorade, Huawei, Dolce & Gabbana, Gillette, Turkish Airlines, Lays, Hard Rock Cafe, y Audemars Piguet, among others. He also signed ties with Konami to be the face of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer and EA Sports for the famous FIFA.

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How many houses does Lionel Messi have?

Those are the three properties that are known to Messi today. She currently lives in France because she plays for PSG but it is not clear if she bought the house or if the club itself rented it to her during her stay. She still has a contract with the Parisian club until mid-2023.

About his luxurious apartment in Miami, it is known that the 10 is a shareholder of the Inter Miami club that belongs to David Beckham. The versions indicate that eventually Messi would play in that institution and would settle in that property.

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How much does Lionel Messi earn per month, week, day, hours and minutes

  • 10.5 million dollars per month
  • $2.4 million per week
  • 345 thousand dollars per day
  • $14,000 per hour
  • $233 per minute
  • 4 dollars per second

Lionel Messi’s house in Barcelona

MESSI’S HOUSE IN BARCELONA. There she lived for several years. It is located in Castelldefels (Photo: Redes)

Lionel Messi’s house in Miami

MESSI'S HOUSE IN MIAMI.  Leo acquired the apartment on the 47th floor (Photo: Redes).
MESSI’S HOUSE IN MIAMI. Leo acquired the apartment on the 47th floor (Photo: Redes).

Lionel Messi’s house in Rosario

MESSI'S HOUSE IN ROSARIO.  In an exclusive private neighborhood (Photo: Télam).
MESSI’S HOUSE IN ROSARIO. In an exclusive private neighborhood (Photo: Télam).

Lionel Messi’s plane: he uses it to travel around the world

The luxurious aircraft of the captain of the National Team is valued at 15 million dollars and it was purchased in 2018. Although it was purchased in the United States, it has Argentine license plates and is usually parked at the “Islas Malvinas” International Airport in Rosario, his hometown.

The Gulftream was manufactured in 2004. When Messi acquired it, the company took care to pay attention to every detail so that the footballer and his family feel comfortable.

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It has a fully equipped kitchen, two full bathrooms and space for 16 comfortable armchairs, which can be transformed into 8 beds. On the other hand, it includes televisions, telephones and even a PlayStation 5 with gold controllers.

Regarding technical specifications, the private jet is powered by Rolls Royce enginesreaches a maximum speed of 940 kilometers per hour and has a range that exceeds ten thousand kilometers.

Finally, going into details, the entrance and exit stairs of the ship bear the names of the members of the Messi family and in the tail of the plane you can see No. 10 in honor of the number used by one of the best footballers in history.

A postcard of Lionel Messi in his luxurious aircraft.  (Photo: Instagram / Lionel Messi)
A postcard of Lionel Messi in his luxurious aircraft. (Photo: Instagram / Lionel Messi)
THE PLANE OF LIONEL MESSI.  It cost him 15 million dollars (Photo: Networks)
THE PLANE OF LIONEL MESSI. It cost him 15 million dollars (Photo: Networks)

What are Lionel Messi’s investments?

Lionel Messi’s tourism investment: he bought a hotel chain

In the last 10 years, through a business group, the MiM hotel chain.

In his pooder he has the MIM Sotogrande Club Marítimo MIM Sitges, MIM Ibiza, MIM Mallorca, MIM Baqueira and MIM Andorra.

MiM Hotels is managed by the Majestic Hotel Group through the Explotaciones Rosotel company. But since Messi invested, he has not stopped expanding and plans new openings for the near future..

LIONEL MESSI.  The MIM Sotogrande Club Marítimo is in Cádiz (Photo: Redes)
LIONEL MESSI. The MIM Sotogrande Club Marítimo is in Cádiz (Photo: Redes)

The Messi Store, the exclusive clothing sold by the 10

Messi’s clothing brand born in september 2019 and the first premises were established on a commercial promenade in Barcelona. María Sol, the sister of 10, is one of the main managers of the business and occupies the position of “Brand Manager”.

Messi also teamed up with Ginny Hilfigersister of renowned designer Tommy Hilfiger, who brings her knowledge as Creative Director.

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“We want each garment to embody the essence of who Leo is on and off the pitch. As a result, all our collection was made with extreme precisionattention to detail, passion and incomparable quality“, they assure.

Messi usually models several times a year to promote the brand.