The Hidalgo Theater celebrates its 60 years!

A Theater that has given way to great actors and actresses of all time.

It was inaugurated in May 1962, thanks to the great talent of the architect Alejandro Pietro, and is now one of the most important venues that has left a mark on various celebrities.

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Starting a series of stagings with the play “La Orestíada de Aesquilo”, directed by Ignacio Reyes and starring Isabela Corona, without leaving behind the scenery of Julio Prieto.

The venue is considered the jewel in the crown of the theaters of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), after the passing of the years, great personalities such as Margarita Isabel, Ofelia Guilmáin, Carlos Ancira, Silvia Pinal, Susana Alexander, Jacqueline Andere and Ignacio López Tarso have stepped on the stage of El Hidalgo.

For its 68 years of validity, the guest of honor will be Mr. Ignacio López Obrador, as he will be godfather of the unveiling of the plaque.