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The hidden story of Robert Lewandowski’s arrival at Bayern Munich | Sports | DW

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On May 5, 2012, Borussia Dortmund closed the Bundesliga campaign with the two-time championship in the bag and a resounding 4-0 win against a defenseless Freiburg. The goals were entirely Polish: on the one hand, Jakub “Kuba” Blaszczykowski scored in the 5th and 39th minutes, while the other two goals came from Robert Lewandowski.

Today’s Bayern Munich striker was not the scoring leader in that campaign. He came in third place with 22 goals, behind Mario Gomez (26) and Klaas Jan Huntelaar (29). What many did not know, however, is that the destinies of Lewandowski and Bayern by then were about to intersect.

The story is long and took years to materialize. Dortmund were still celebrating the two-time championship when, according to German media, the first contacts between Bayern and Lewandowski’s surroundings had already occurred, although not openly. The then president of the Bavarian club, Uli Höneß, had thrown the first dart in February of that year when declaring that the German multi-champion needed a real “bomber”.

By July 2012, rumors about a possible transfer from Lewandowski to Bayern were unstoppable. Also the ambitions of the player. Hungry for international titles, the attacker also wanted to improve the salary he received at Borussia Dortmund and make the great leap to the world football proscenium. Poker against Real Madrid in the Champions League in April 2013, still with Dortmund, made him one of the most coveted forwards in the world.

Lewandowski’s departure from Dortmund was preceded by claims between him and the club

Florentino appears on the scene

But there were more actors in this play. In April 2013, one of Lewandowski’s representatives, Maik Barthel, stated that he had on the table “an offer that meets all Dortmund criteria, and Robert’s expectations.” It was clearly Real Madrid.

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The convergence seemed unbeatable. Borussia Dortmund tried to prevent Lewandowski from leaving for Bayern at all costs, and for this they used intrigue. “Dortmund wanted to prevent this transfer no matter what, and that is why they organized meetings with the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez,” he told the specialized channel. Football room Cezary Kucharsky, otro representante de Lewandowski.

Transfermarkt, a reference medium in terms of signings, points out that when the time for negotiations came, the Spanish club had then presented a better offer than Bayern.

Florentino Pérez could not sign Lewandowski, even though he put a better offer on the table

Florentino Pérez could not sign Lewandowski, even though he put a better offer on the table

However, Pérez saw Lewandowski as a replacement for Karim Benzema, which ultimately did not convince the Pole’s environment.

They lose the “German final” and Lewandowski

On May 25, 2013, Dortmund lost the “German final” of the Champions League against Bayern Munich. In the heat of euphoria, Jupp Heynckes, then coach of the Munich, escaped the following statement: “It is known that Mario Götze is already hired and that Lewandowski will not wait long. With this we can count on two other top-level players ”. Heynckes, very close to Bayern president Uli Höneß, thus gave a solid indication of the progress of the negotiations.

Nonetheless, Dortmund held on and announced that Lewandowski would remain in their ranks. The Pole played the 2013/2014 tournament still for Borussia Dortmund. The German press reported constant tensions between the forward and the club throughout that year. Lewandowski even reproached Dortmund for “breaking his word” by failing to pay him the promised raise.

Over the months, the German press confirmed Heynckes’ euphoric claim: Behind the scenes, Lewandowski and Bayern had already made up their minds for a long time. However, the player’s performance was loyal, and he ended his last season with Dortmund as individual scoring champions in the Bundesliga, with 20 touchdowns.

Plot, middle and end

Finally, the news exploded on January 4, 2014: the signing of Robert Lewandowski by Bayern Munich had been finalized, definitely. By waiting a year and letting the player’s contract expire, Borussia Dortmund also lost a significant amount of transfer payment. However, the executive president of this club, Hans-Joachim Watzke, said that “it is no surprise. It is something perfectly normal.”

Bayern Munich won the bid for Lewandowski because, according to Transfermarkt, It offered him not only the possibility of winning the maximum titles but the guarantee of being the great star of the club up front. The club even put number 9 on the table, which was then occupied by the Croatian Mario Mandzukic.

Seven years after joining Bayern, Lewandowski is at the peak of his physical and athletic form

Seven years after joining Bayern, Lewandowski is at the peak of his physical and athletic form

The rest is known history. The agreement would definitely mark history for both parties. Bayern Munich obtained, without having to pay the transfer, the best striker in the world: the only scorer capable of approaching brands like Gerd Müller’s. Lewandowski, for his part, saw winning the Champions League become a reality, being part of the historic sextete, and spinning a series of championships in the Bundesliga for which there is no foreseeable end.

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