The High-Profile Lawyer Representing Prince Harry and Other Celebrities in Privacy Cases

Members of the legal team representing the Prince Harry and other plaintiffs in the case against Mirror Group Newspapers they are used to high profile cases. The most visible among all of them is the lawyer who leads the arguments in the courtroom, David Shelbornelawyer as well known as respected for having faced the British tabloid press on several occasions.

In fact, it is not the first time that the son of Charles III he goes to Shelborne to defend his privacy from the British tabloids. It already did so in 2020 after the different headers of the Daily Mail publish a private letter Meghan Markle He sent his father begging him to stop airing dirty laundry before the world in a public way.

It is not trivial that she chose him precisely, since she trusts him and has known him since he was a child thanks to his mother. Sheborne became his legal counsel and defended the Princess Diana continuously siege of the paparazzi.

At 55, he defines himself as a “leading lawyer” in the field of media and specialized in privacy, confidentiality and defamation, as well as matrimonial and sports law. He graduated from Oxford University As the first of his class, he specialized in the London College of Law and works for the firm 5RBone of the most prestigious in London.

In fact, the firm’s website boasts of its star signing, explaining that while most of the wealthy individuals, world-class politicians, blue-chip businessmen and corporations, and other influential organizations that it has championed are confidential, its track record is matter of public domain.

Prince Harry leaving the courthouse accompanied by David SherborneEFE

The firm does not leave the list of names to the imagination and adds its long journey through the world of celebrities. They are not lacking in it, in addition to Diana of Wales, notable personalities such as Tony Blair, Donald y Melania Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas y Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jude Law, Kate Winslett, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, las Spice Girls o Mike Tyson. They also knocked on your door Amy Winehouse, Harry Styles o Johnny Depp.

Far from being known solely for his court cases, Sherborne has managed to establish himself as a public figure at the level of his claimants for his hectic private life. Married twice and with three children, his extramarital affairs began to come to light when his affair with the also lawyer, Carine Patry Hoskins, who was married when they met. They were caught in the middle of vacations in Santorini and the tabloids fed on them, turning the fight against them into a personal affront

His clients include names like Tony Blair, Donald Trump and Michael DouglasEFE

The English press defines him as someone who “likes to be liked.” With an impeccable plant and a certain air of dandy in full 21st century, Sherborne he always appears at court in multi-zero suits and carefully chosen white shirts. There is not a time when he goes to court and does not hit the headlines of those media he is trying to sink.

As a good executioner and knowing the media repercussion that arouses, he has turned the front page into his best weapon to sell a resume that not only swells due to his lucrative fees but also due to the number of stars who trust him. It is unknown for sure how much his income amounts to, although the Evening Standard confirms that he earns several million pounds a year.

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