The higher degree of Promotion of Equality of La Línea closes the course with theater, music and vindication

The higher education cycle of Promotion of Gender Equality of High School Virgin of Hope de La Línea held a big event this Friday at the Paseo de la Velada Theater to end the school year. The finishing touch has been an intergenerational activity with the performance of a theater company made up of octogenarian women, who arrived from La Canonja (Tarragona) and called The Golden Girlswhich has represented the work EGB generation, in which they have revealed the values ​​of the traditional and contemporary school.

During the morning, for Effective equality between men and women and against gender violence, teachers and students of this higher grade have shown the empowerment of older women and culture as a vehicle for it.

In addition, the Sirimusa Association has carried out performances of sliding sevillanas and flamenco. The event was also attended by the Councilor for Social Policies, Equality and Conciliation of the Junta de Andalucía, Rocío Ruiz, who highlighted “the importance of integrating the coeducation in the Andalusian education system to guarantee a comprehensive personal development in equality of all students, girls and boys, promoting the elimination of prejudices, stereotypes and roles based on gender, built according to sociocultural patterns of conduct traditionally assigned to women and men”.

The person in charge of equality policies in Andalusia thanked the management of the center and the students for their commitment and defense of the human rights of women and girls and insisted that “we cannot forget that a society where gender equality and of opportunities for women and men is real and effective, it is a better, more democratic and just society for all the people who make it up”. During this course, students and teachers have carried out sensitization and awareness-raising activities in schools in the area, in the Algeciras prison with the prison population, with associations and other social entities; They have also created a co-educational game to promote equality.

Rocío Ruiz has stressed that “there is no more powerful vaccine against inequality and sexist violence than equal education. In this regard, he has underlined “the need to add men to the fight for equality. Together, women and men, we not only add, but multiply. If we want to achieve real equality, we cannot continue making feminist policies only for women. It is necessary to involve and count on the participation of the other half of the population so that the multiplier effect of all these actions is even greater”.

The counselor considered it essential that women and men of all ages be included in this fight: “Today the members of the group Las Chicas de Oro, made up of women between 75 and 80 years old, have shown us this with the play EGB generation. A wonderful example of active ageing, of intergenerational connection, of sharing experiences. Furthermore, social and participatory theatre, which we also use in the Andalusian Institute for Women to work on the prevention of gender violence among Secondary school students and families, allows us to optimize experiences and results. Through these theatrical techniques it is easier to make visible stereotypes, prejudices and gender roles, emotions and learned models of affective relationships, as well as unequal situations due to sex-gender, through their theatricalization.

“If we want to achieve a fairer, more egalitarian Andalusia free of sexist violence, we have to work from unity to leave our girls and boys a future without discrimination, without sexism and without violence”, Ruiz concluded his speech.

The IES of the Línea de la Concepción, the IES Sertium of Jerez de la Frontera, social entities of the region and invited public, among other authorities.