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The Superior Sports Council (CSD) asked last October the accounts of the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA), chaired by David Cabello, for alleged irregularities. They are currently checking “a series of expenses related to the Federation’s staff, relative to the 2017 and 2018 financial years: expenses for subsistence, travel or representation,” sources from the CSD confirm to this newspaper.

Cabello, president of the FESBA since 2004 and director of development of the world federation (BWF), would have charged 36,621 euros irregularly in the two aforementioned years, according to the documentation and invoices that the Federation sent to the CSD. In 2017, he would have received 16,447 euros: 5,865 euros in “work allowances in international trips not representing the FESBA and doubling income with BWF”; 2,398 in “trips with residence outside of Spain [viajes a Reino Unido no representando a FESBA y para cursar un máster personal en la Universidad de Kent]”; 3,420 in “fictitious trips by car Granada-Madrid-Granada”; and 4,764 in “maintenance allowances associated with these trips”. In 2018 he would have received 20,174 euros: 16,867 in “work and food allowances not representing FESBA” and 3,307 in “fictitious trips by car Madrid-Granada-Madrid”.

Cabello takes iron away from the issue: “The CSD is conducting a regular review of the accounts, as it does with many other federations. There is no special review; I am not worried. If there is something wrong, I imagine they will tell us about it. Everything that is done in the federation is done according to the regulations that we have. If there is a procedural error, it will be corrected and that’s it. It has no major impact, “he explains in a telephone conversation.

Professor of Physical and Sports Education at the University of Granada, he no longer charges from the federation because he has an exclusivity clause with the university. From 2004 to 2016, however, he did charge. It did so through the General Foundation of the University of Granada and as “research works”, according to one of the contracts to which this newspaper has had access. The FESBA paid the foundation and the foundation, Cabello. Until in August 2017 the CSD informed the federative president that this practice could not continue to be maintained.

“By not having consideration of research work, it could not be understood protected by the provisions of the Organic Law of Universities, it was a contract not adjusted to law,” explain sources from the CSD. Thus, since 2017, Cabello’s federative salary appears with a 0 on the federation’s website. In 2016, the remuneration agreed with the University Foundation was 4,132 euros, but on the FESBA website the collaboration – approved by the assembly, without, according to a witness, Cabello explaining how this charge would be made – appears for an amount of 28,119 euros. “For every day that supposedly spent outside of Granada to carry out said collaboration, he claimed mileage and work allowances, whether real or fictitious,” they explain in the federation.

“What they told me from the CSD is that they did not think that this was the most appropriate formula as I was president of the federation. Now we have a different formula that conforms to the regulations and that was approved by the Assembly. It is a collaboration that is developed through allowances such as those of a board of directors, by representation of the position, ”argues Cabello, who has requested an electoral advance that has just been approved.

The presidential elections, scheduled for after the Tokyo Games, will presumably be called in April if authorized by the CSD.

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