The hilarious reason why Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo sent a voice message to Darío Barassi

Dario Barassi He surprised his followers by airing a personalized audio sent to him by Lionel Messi. The driver is a fan of the soccer player and days ago he decided to send him a message for his birthday. What was not expected was that the captain of the national team answered him and that, in addition, Antonela Roccuzzo will add to the answer.

This Monday, during the broadcast of 100 Argentines say (eltrece), the song “Friends to be friends” by Queen began to play and, True to his braggart style, Barassi stated, “Do you know who I think I am? Messi’s best friend.”

Although the participants and their producers did not understand the reason for his attitude, a few seconds later he set out to explain how the exchange of audios with the star of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) took place. “On Friday, June 24, we sent a message to Mr. Leo Messi, through his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, for his birthday”said the driver.

The unexpected message that Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo sent to Darío Barassi

Immediately, from the production of the program they broadcast the video of that moment, which was recorded a few days ago and there he is seen sending an audio message to the athlete’s wife. “Anton, what are you doing? Here Barassi”, he is heard saying. He then continues, “Well listen to me queen, I know this is Leo’s birthday today. I remembered by myself, nobody made me remember in the program, and We are with the production seeing what to send. What do you need, a salami? I don’t know what to offer you guys. Whatever they want, we send them. I don’t know. Some bills? Are they here or are they there? They are here in Rosario!”

After the funny audio, he invited the businesswoman to the program: “Anto, I came to play. We make a special of yours, only with your family. I leave everything, I do it naked, whatever you want. I send a kiss. It was a personal message to Leo. Well, Leo, we love you. Kiss”.

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo took the audio of Darío Barassi with great humorInstagram @leomessi

Days later, Barassi received a response and decided to share it with the public. “Suddenly this happens,” she advanced, as she brought her cell phone closer to the microphone so that Roccuzzo’s voice message could be heard. “Hi how are things? Listen, you were a little early, Leo’s birthday is June 24, so you greeted him a little early. And aside today we arrived in Barcelona. Winter is over and we came to summer, so here we take advantage of a few days of vacation that are left until they start full again. But hey, anyway I accept the salami, that always comes in handy”.

However, the exchange did not end there. With a lot of humor, Darío assured that Messi would surely be angry with him with Rosario’s message. However, nothing could be further from the truth, since he received a second message. “And there I said `well, Antonela, what a load, it’s fine, that’s it. What more do you want from me? ´ ”, he expressed between laughs.

Darío Barassi showed all his emotion after receiving the audios of Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi
Darío Barassi showed all his emotion after receiving the audios of Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel MessiCapture

Immediately, he set out to air the second audio. However, far from hearing the voice of a woman, He hears it from Messi himself: “Gordo, it’s my birthday on the 24th, nothing to do with it. You remembered alone, you said, and nothing to do. Ten days still to go. Good thank you. I am already greeted. We are no longer in Rosario, we are in Barcelona, ​​we arrived today”.

Apparently, the footballer recorded the audio with his wife, because in the background she was heard speaking. “Anto says that he is going to think about going to play there with his sister. A big kiss to all. See you. Bye”.

The audio was celebrated by Barassi, who, euphoric, began to embrace the production of his program and all together they shouted with laughter: “Messi knows us!”


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