The historical maximum. Index ROBOR at three months is at the highest level in the last three years


Index Robor at three months, depending on which are calculated the interest on the majority of loans in mdl increased up to the level of 1.82%, the highest since November 2014 until now, after he fell two times last week, according to data released Thursday by the National Bank of Romania (NBR).

Robor at three months is the main indicator according to which it calculates the variable rates on loans in lei.

the Level reached on Thursday is the largest of 11 November 2014 to the present, when he has reached a level of 1.84%.

Pointer to an accelerated increase of 18 September, when it reached the level of 1%.

at The same time, the index Robor at six months increased Thursday at 1.94%, the highest level since 6 January 2015 (1,99%).

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