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The history of the Porte de Cers de Saissac

by archyw

Saissac can be proud of its vestiges of the very distant past, castrum, castle, ramparts including the Porte d’Autan …

The latter was the main entrance on the east side of the village, but did you know that it had its double west side? Indeed, the Porte de Cers, rue de la République, was identical to the Porte d’Autan and currently only a pedestal, an iron hinge and a watchtower that continues the rampart remains.

A real obstacle to any malicious intrusion, it was demolished in 1889 to allow the passage of carts through the village. Its debris was used to backfill rue Bertrand de Saissac (rue de l’Église) which did not yet exist but which was in very advanced stages. It was on March 24, 1889, after a first opinion in 1883, that this final decision was taken by the municipal council.

Despite a petition of 119 signatures against the project, the councilors present that day voted by a majority (five votes to two) for the demolition of the building. “Considering that the traffic will be more freely, that the day will enter the neighboring houses better, that the air will circulate more easily and that the street will present a more favorable aspect … that the gate of Cers is completely demolished … “.

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