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DThe Indian consultancy Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had to send more than 400,000 of its 448,000 employees around the world – i.e. more than 90 percent – to their home office in March. After the lockdown was lifted, the new way of working was not to be completely reversed: “We will not return to where we were,” said TCS chief Rajesh Gopinathan when the annual figures were presented.

The Indian company said that employees will only spend 25 percent of their time in the office in 2025. In the Corona crisis, they had good experience with the new way of working. It was time for change, said Gopinathan. The move was a “change in the previous way of working that lasted for 20 years,” said a spokesman for the company of the F.A.Z.

The IT service provider, headquartered in Bombay, generated sales of more than $ 22 billion for the first time last year. The majority of the workforce works in India, where there has been a lockdown since March 24. The Indian government has just extended the curfew until May 18. The Indian government has also ordered all employees to download a “tracing app”.

The announcement of TCS is likely to have a major impact on the Indian software industry. So far, almost all of the software developers in the Indian IT industry have worked in the office. Around 2,200 people work for TCS in Germany, almost all of them currently working from home. Despite the Corona crisis, the company essentially wants to stick to its hiring plans: Last year, TCS hired around 40,000 new employees – most of them university graduates. This year, plans of the same order of magnitude will continue. In Germany, TCS plans to recruit almost 100 new employees this year.



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