The “honest man” .. stabbed Messi and caused him a wound that did not heal

Messi signs a contract extension with Laporta in 2009

Published in: Jun 08, 2023: 07:59 PM GST
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“President Joan Laporta understands Lionel Messi’s position in his desire to search for a competition with “fewer requirements” after years of pressures that he experienced and wishes him success in America. , in a veiled message from the president, whom Messi described as “the man who is always honest with him,” after months of hinting that the club legend would return again this summer.

Messi closed Barcelona’s page forever after announcing his departure to Inter Miami, saying that there are people in the management of the Catalan club who do not want him to return, and they are the same ones who pushed him out two years ago in a scene that caused him and his family a “wound” that has not yet healed, according to the words of the man who won. World Cup 2022 last December.

Laporta’s relationship with Messi was seen as an example of the wonderful relationship between the boss and the subordinate. Lionel played his first match in the Barcelona shirt, and at that time Joan was the head of the pyramid in his first period. Inter Milan tried to sign him when he was young, but the young lawyer at the time refused that and promised Jorge, the father of the player who became the club’s legend. After that, he will make glory in the “Camp Nou” very soon.

Messi’s foot was in the summer of 2020 outside the walls of Barcelona after the famous “burofax” that he sent to Josep Maria Bartomeu’s management, expressing through him his desire to leave the club in which he spent 20 years, and of course when the best player in Barcelona’s history says that he does not want to stay, the victim will be the president who It caused Lionel to reach this situation, and the administration fell with the largest number of no-confidence votes in the club’s history, which exceeded 120 years.

Laporta advanced to the candidacy race 11 years after he left the club. Everyone was afraid of losing Lionel Messi, but the well-known lawyer said before the elections in an interview with the “Guardian” as Messi entered the free period of his contract with Barcelona: I do not think that Messi will leave Barcelona if he The new president knew, because Leo hates nothing more than lying, he always told me “You don’t lie to me, you keep your promises” and whoever came after me wasn’t like that, they held him responsible for failure to protect themselves.

And I follow: Leo knows what I think of him, I do not see him in a shirt other than Barcelona, ​​and I will work to continue him with all my might, and I will surround him with good players because he is a winner and always wants to win. The beautiful story must continue.

But not everything that is said turns into reality. Less than 5 months after Laporta spoke, Barcelona announced the departure of his legend after his negotiations to extend his contract failed, and the latter came out crying in a press conference in which he said: I wanted to stay and did not want to leave. I agreed with Laporta to renew. And to continue, but that did not happen. It is painful for me to leave FC Barcelona, ​​which I came to as a child, and today I am leaving as a family father.

The blame at the time was former President Bartomeu because of his poor management, as well as Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish League, who was intransigent and refused to allow Barcelona to extend the contract of the iconic player, but Dutch coach Ronald Koeman was one of the club’s historical legends as a player, who revealed the hidden after his dismissal from Barcelona’s training after less than 3 months. Of Messi’s departure, he said in a televised interview: Lionel will not return to Barcelona. Laporta will make a play to save his face, being the president who let Messi leave for the first time.

It took Laporta a full year to admit that he had let Messi go, and he said at the time with radio “Cadena Sir”: I spoke with Messi (August 2021) and in fact I had to either choose to protect Barcelona or renew for Messi, so I chose the first option because the entity is above any player, even if he was The greatest in history.

Since last summer, Laporta has been sending signals to Barcelona fans that Messi will return, and he said early this year with the Catalan TV3 channel: I spoke with Messi after winning the World Cup and our relationship returned, that he wants to return to Barcelona, ​​​​he is his home and he will do so.

And on Wednesday, Messi closed the Barcelona page and said: They promised me that everything would end in May and I would be able to return, but that did not happen, and I did not want to live what I lived with my family two years ago, so I chose Inter Miami, and as for Barcelona and through its president, he wished success to the greatest player in His history with his next career, which does not need many requirements, according to the statement. Which means the end of Messi’s relationship with Barcelona as a player forever.

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