the horror of the anti-fascist professor – Libero Quotidiano

“It can happen in Feltrinelli bookstores”, that is, the book by Giorgia Meloni – first in the standings – is placed upside down. The years pass, the consensus increases and the leader of the Brothers of Italy is increasingly frightening to some, for whom every opportunity is good to evoke “fascism”. Simon Levis Sullam photographed the overturned book “Io sono Giorgia”, researcher in contemporary history at the humanities department of the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.

“The colleague, a historical expert on anti-fascism – commented Marco Gervasoni on Twitter – wins because Giorgia Meloni is first in the ranking and moreover in the Feltrinelli ‘sacred temple’. To deal with the ‘scandal’ do you propose to hang the author upside down? A good example for the boys ”. The reaction of the leader of the Brothers of Italy was not long in coming: “But does it seem normal to you that a university teacher jokes about my books overturned to simulate the fact that I just come? Here is the example of one of the many ‘minds’ that teach young people respect, tolerance, freedom of thought and civil confrontation. Luckily the bad sowers of hatred are us on the right”.

Who knows if someone on the left will be indignant at what happened, among other things along the lines of the episode a few months ago, attributable to another university professor. In that case it had been Giovanni Gozzini to heavily insult Meloni, with sexist statements that earned him a three-month suspension by the University of Siena.