The horror of the death of 4 people due to electrocution in the bathroom


Four occupants of the house on Jl Pulomas Barat 12, Kayu Putih Village, Pulogadung District, East Jakarta, tragically died. The four victims died of electrocution in the bathroom.

The identities of the families of the victims who died were the husband’s initials BG (37), the wife’s initials NB (29), and their child, EA (11 months). A baby sitter with the initials SM (59) also died in the incident.

It started when the mother bathed the baby

The incident occurred on Sunday (20/3) afternoon. The accident started when the victim NB was bathing her baby in the bathroom.

“Her mother is take a bath his son, his sister helpthe father help. The baby is approximately two years old,” said SM victim’s sister, Fauziah, as quoted by Antara, Monday (21/3/2022).

He added that his sister, Suratni, became a victim after trying to help another householder who was electrocuted.

Baby sitter you want help, turned out to be sticky. Sticking all (victims), this is already releasedsaid Fauziah.

husband and Baby sitter Get electrocuted

The incident of the mother and child being electrocuted made the husband come down to him, but to no avail. Meanwhile, an ART member heard the victim’s screams from inside the bathroom.

“Well, this maid has a separate room, but she heard screams. She went to the bathroom and found the position of the victims lying down,” he explained.

Also watch the video ‘4 Occupants of a House in Pulogadung Died by Electrocution in the Bathroom, Here’s the Chronology’:

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