The hospital announces an exceptional plan for employment and health with 47 permanent contracts

the essential
The social dialogue that the management of the Cahors hospital promised to open, following several mobilizations by the CGT and in inter-union with FO, has borne fruit. The mobilization of May 20 triggered the signing of 47 permanent contracts. The hospital looks up.

With its resounding announcement of 47 permanent contracts and 58 internships (this is the precise term to inform the agents of their future tenure), the management of the Cahors hospital center could not do better to start the summer for its caregivers and employees. . Everyone hoped without really believing in this plan also called “plan to depreciate hospital services.”

None of the previous directors of this establishment had managed to come to an understanding so formally with its social partners to reach such an agreement.

“We had several meetings with the HRD (director of human resources), Hervé Rochais, who played the role of intermediary between the director and us the CGT” explains Laurence Chabert for the CGT.

“Then the director wanted to receive us on June 14th in order to take stock of the real progress made in the demands booklet and thereby realize even if we were satisfied”, she continues.

Even if unions and hospital workers have other expectations to meet, the social progress obtained is a considerable step forward. The most important for over a decade. A step that the director of the hospital, Pierre Nogrette, justifies by a need to act in the face of “an exceptional and worrying situation in terms of nursing staff. It was necessary to offer satisfactory reception conditions and career prospects to those who contribute to quality care, but also to meet the demands of administrative and technical staff, workers, nursing assistants and hospital service agents. ” In all, 123 staff at this hospital will benefit from a statutory change in 2021.

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“A catch-up”

This spectacular social shift, perfectly negotiated by and for the hospital, also owes its success to union action and demands that the supervisory board could not ignore.

The latter, whose members are the mayor of Cahors, the ARS (regional health agency), doctor Thierry Debreux, president of the CME (establishment medical commission), user representatives and the hospital management , met on Friday. The good news was confirmed that day. “All of these measures are designed as a catching up of decisions not taken for several years”, underlines the director who also looked at the HRD on the crucial question of “difficulties related to the recovery of hours due to the ‘alternation day / night. ” A problem raised on May 20 by the CGT.

“These subjects will be the subject of proposals to staff representatives during the CTE (establishment technical committee) on July 6,” explains Pierre Nogrette. Dates, figures, promises kept, concrete … It has been a long time since the hospital in Cahors had displayed such good blood pressure. His health is improving markedly. It is much less precarious, but it remains fragile. Management and unions remain vigilant.