The host posts her “war” injury on Instagram!

The start of the week is off to a good start for Karine Le Marchand. The host had a small accident and wanted to share the result of the damage of what happened to her on her Instagram account.

In her story, she displayed her face with a big circular mark on the cheek. And it happened because of an unlikely event that could happen to anyone. Indeed, the ex of Lilian Thuram took the cork of a bottle in the face. “Stopper in the face“, she explained to her community.

Make-up will save her for the next photos and shoots she will have to make!

A Return Intimate Ambition

As the 2022 presidential election approaches, Karine Le Marchand, who is definitely on all fronts, will take over the reins of her show, My Intimate Ambition. At the beginning of January, during an interview with Puremeans, she had spoken of the return of her political program on the occasion of the launch of her very controversial program Operation Renaissance on M6. “I have already started to interact with the politicians”, she had blurted out. “It will be everyone who is going to show up. So far, all the people I have met have given me their consent. It’s much easier than four years ago.” Moreover “all those who have formalized their candidacy” told him yes.

Unlike Nicolas Sarkozy or Bruno Le Maire, Benoît Hamon had refused to participate.

“This format just does not match my view of politics. It would be inconsistent for me to criticize the presidential election for ignoring the fundamental issues of our country, while participating in what is akin to a casting of the ‘providential man “, he explained at the time.

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After her two shows devoted to politics, in October and November 2016, she subsequently interviewed personalities such as Franck Dubosc, Michèle Laroque, Gad Elmaleh).

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