The hot autumn of inflation: 7 steps to save

The first item on which household savings are concentrated (see the article on the right) is food. In this regard, Altroconsumo has carried out a sort of monitoring throughout the national territory, sifting through 1.67 million prices on the shelves. The result is that you can save up to 3,350 euros per year, out of a total of 8,550 euros (this is the annual amount of food expenditure of a family of four). How? By choosing unbranded products.

Race to bonuses and aid for the children

The package of contributions – national and local – in force today, which families can draw on to support their budget, is also very broad, starting from the deduction of 19% for the expenses incurred for the sport of children (for which it is necessary, please remember, make a traceable payment), up to the 500 euro “family dowry” in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Resources exhausted, however, for the 2022 nursery bonus, for which new applications are still registered but with reservations, in the hope that it will be refinanced by the end of the year. While waiting to understand what will be the measures that the new government will decide to confirm, modify or introduce with the year-end maneuver, it should be remembered that the same single allowance for dependent children – in force from March 2022 – starting from January 2023 it will be re-evaluated to keep up with the inflation trend.

Smart and low cost choices

In the coming months there will also be many to resort to low cost, looking for travel and leisure solutions that allow you to save money. If the younger ones can access numerous benefits thanks to the IoStudio (for students) and Eyca cards, in the field of telecommunications it will instead be useful to check the various services and subscriptions activated in the family, eliminating the superfluous and unused ones. For example, in the case of internet and pay TV, it is possible to consider subscriptions with combined services, which allow you to “save” up to 144 euros a year. Still in force, then, the TV bonus of up to 100 euros for those who choose to scrap the old model to buy a new one.

Last but not least, clothing and footwear. An expense that more than half of Italian families, thanks to Covid and the forced reduction of opportunities for use between Dad and smartworking, had already cut in 2021. Outlets and second-hand sites and shops today represent a destination for those who want to invest in a well-made product, perhaps a brand, without paying full price for it.

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Seven steps to save

Support of children
Single check richer since January

The fight against childbirth relies on support measures for families with children to reverse the trend, measures that are now also crucial against expensive living. First of all, the single allowance, the contribution in force since March 2022 which absorbed the previous measures, today reaches 5.3 million families and 8.6 million children (INPS data in July).