The Hotel of the Famous: Locho Loccisano broke down in a talk with his parents

Locho Loccisano He broke down when he received the surprise of a video call with his parents in The Hotel of the Famous.

“They tell me to go to the suite, that I’m going to have a surprise, I don’t know what it is, so let’s see if it’s Ricardo Arjona or what”start the notepad.

“There is a letter and a tablet upside down, I can see it coming”add to camera, before entering the suite.

“How are you doing? I miss you, ma, pa, I miss you”launches Locho excitedly, he barely sees them on the screen.

“You are missed a lot Lucas, how are you?”asks the father.

“Well, ten points, now better than ever, so be calm”he replies.

“We are proud of you, very proud”The mother intervenes.

“I love you, I love you with all my soul”launches Locho, unable to avoid breaking.

“We see it all the time, and we know the person you are. You are being more you than ever my love”says the mother proudly.

“And I see you all the time, I love to see you”adds the mom.

“Lockdown is making you very sensitive Lu”limits the father.

“No, it’s that not seeing you, that, and also the final stage is like everything much more sensitive the final stage, because the end is near and you also feel pressured. Maybe now I’m immune, they saw that they voted for me, very rare but they voted for me well “he is sincere.

“I mean, I was voted not to lose this week, I’m immune. I mean, they always voted me down and now the opposite, that’s why I have this gift “he adds.

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“All due to different events that happened here, everything changed in the house and the coexistence is excellent, we are sharing well with each other, we are getting along well, much more united, so we are all living this last stage very close together”deepened the animator.

“And I stay calm because I see you well”says the mother.

“It is difficult to watch the programs”the father is sincere.

“Well, don’t worry, I love you with all my heart, bye, I love you”Locho closes the talk.