The Hotel of the Famous: Sabrina Carballo broke when she remembered a phrase by Chanchi Estévez about money

Sabrina Carballo broke into The Hotel of the Famous remembering a phrase Chanchi Estevez he had told her about the money when they were together.

It all started when, in one of the usual talks with José María Muscari, the theater director began to inquire among all the participants about their relationship with silver.

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“When I was younger, I kind of had a lot of respect for money, because I met people with a lot of money who were poor, who were alone”Sabrina started.

“And Maxi… Oh, now I’m going to cry again talking about him”he added, while he couldn’t help but break down.

Sabrina Carballo broke when she remembered a phrase from Chanchi Estévez about money

“He once told me something that stuck with me, he told me ‘money doesn’t make you bad, money gives you away.’ And he always told me ‘don’t be afraid of money because if you don’t you will never have anything’”he remembered.

“And it stayed with me, look I have no memory eh, but that phrase stayed with me and for me it is like that. Because you saw that there are people who have money and have nothing”deepened.

“He really is a very generous person, too much for my taste”closed the actress, who humorously recalled seeing him distribute “silver rolls” among his friends.

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