“The house is an art museum?”… Youngnam Cho and Cheongdam-dong apartment in’No. 1′?

Singer Cho Young-nam’s house was revealed in’Can’t be No. 1′. /Photo = JTBC

Singer Cho Young-nam’s apartment in Cheongdam-dong was revealed.

On the 21st, comedian Kim Hak-rae visited Cho Young-nam’s house in the JTBC entertainment program’I Can’t Be No. 1′.

The cast members admired Cho Young-nam’s view of the Han River and the interior, saying, “It looks like a real penthouse” and “The house is a museum.

Kim Hak-rae disclosed an anecdote in which Cho Young-nam applied for an offer at his recommendation and won. Kim Hak-rae said, “When Jo Young-nam lived in an underground rental room, he recommended that I pour out the subscription fee.”

In response, Youngnam Cho responded, “I applied without knowing anything.”

Cho Youngnam’s house, located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is a luxury apartment of 168 pyeong. It is known that the current market price is at least 7.5 billion won.

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