‘The house is not closed; went to the market’; The poster troll; Shafi’i who did | Shafi Parambil | Budget 2023

After the announcement of the state budget, social media is filled with trolls mocking the budget, the government and the finance minister. Protests are being raised all over the country over the budget which has hit the stomach of the common man like fuel cess, price hike and no increase in welfare pension. The budget also says that a special tax will be imposed on vacant houses. Now a poster mocking this is going viral.

‘The house is not closed, it has gone on the market. The poster is pasted on the door saying ‘Don’t impose cess’. Many people shared it on social media. Youth Congress president and MLA Shafi Parampil shared this picture and wrote ‘Who is this?’

People’s response to this poster is ‘natural’, ‘if it goes like this, cess will come even to the air we breathe’, ‘a bigger protest than this is only in dreams’.