The House of Famous already has competition; this program will be the version in Mexico

The House of the Famous has already competition. According to new information, an open television program It will be the version in Mexico from the controversial reality show.

On August 8, the second season of The House of the Famousin which Ivonne Montero was crowned the winner of 200 thousand dollars.

Given the overwhelming success that registered The House of the Famousrumors quickly began to circulate that TV Azteca and Televisa were preparing similar programs to snatch the rating.

The latter being the one I would already have the rights of a similar program.

Who is Yvonne Montero? The Mexican actress who won The House of Famous 2 (Instagram @luisreyes_foto)

The ‘Hotel of the famous’ would be the competition of The House of the Famous

What will the competition program be called? The House of the FamousHow many celebrities will participate? What will the format of the broadcast be?

Pablo Chagra, creator of Chismillennial, stated on his Twitter account that it will not be Big Brother VIP, as was rumored months ago.

Sino The celebrity hotela program of Argentine origin, with which Televisa will seek to take audience away from the third season of La Casa de los Famosos.

“Televisa prepares “The hotel of the famous” you already know under what format. And it will be recorded in Argentina in a couple of months. This after the furor of Telemundo with La Casa de los Famosos”

Pablo Chagra

Pablo Chagra's tweet

Pablo Chagra’s tweet (@pablo_chagra / Twi)

The Hotel of the Famous has a format very similar to The House of the FamousBecause in the:

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  • Sixteen Latino celebrities, who will remain isolated from abroad for four months, live in a hotel with all the comforts
  • There is a weekly removal
  • There is only one winner who will take home a millionaire sum
  • Every week, celebrities must participate in dynamics to obtain rewards and punishments, since the hotel has very few employees
The celebrity hotel

The celebrity hotel (taken from video)

The House of Celebrities prepares details of its third season

While the release of The Hotel of the Famous On Televisa, La Casa de los Famosos prepares the premiere of its season 3.

This, with a cast that promises constant controversy, since it will include characters like:

  • Alfredo Adame (age 64 years)
  • Ninel Conde (age 46 years)
  • Poncho De Nigris (age 46 years)
  • Adamari Lopez (age 51 years)
  • Bobby Larios (age 52 years)
  • Frida Sofia (age 30 years)
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The House of Famous 3: These are the participants who will be in 2023 (Especial)

Released in August 2021, The house of celebrities is a television program American produced by Endemol, version of the Big Brother franchise.

In which 16 Hispanic celebrities live in a house full of cameras, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The house of celebrities has had two seasons, the second being the most successful, with the participation of figures such as:

  • Niurka Marcos
  • Salvador Zerboni
  • Laura Bozzo
  • Tony Costa
  • Ivonne Montero, who was crowned the winner