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The House of Representatives gives the Senate the ‘impeachment’ against Trump


The president of the United States House of Representatives,Nancy Pelosi, signed on Wednesday the statement of objections against the president of the country,Donald Trump, which have already been delivered toSenate, last step before the impeachment of the political trial in the upper house.

After signing, the specifications have been handed over to the majority leader in the Senate,Mitch McConnell, who stressed that they will not be officially accepted until Thursday, as reported by the US television network CNN.

The delivery took place hours after the full House voted to send the articles to the Senate and ratify theseven congressmen who will be charged with prosecuting Trumpin the upper house, called ‘managers’.

Those elected are the heads of the Judicial and Intelligence Commissions of the House of Representatives, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, respectively, as well as that of the Administration Commission, Zoe Lofgren, to which Congressmen Hakeem Jeffries (New York) ), Val Demings (Florida), Jason Crow (Colorado) and Sylvia Garcia (Texas).

In addition, McConnell detailed how the impeachment process will progress. Specifically, this Thursday at noon (East Coast time) the Senate has invited the ‘managers’ to present the statement of objections. Then, at 2:00 p.m. (local time), the president of the United States Supreme Court,John roberts, who will preside over the entire trial, will arrive in the upper house and take an oath. After this, the senators, who will act as jurors in the process, will do the same.The trial is not expected to begin until next Tuesday.

The seven ‘managers’ have been responsible for delivering the statement of objections after the signing by Pelosi, whoHe had appointed them hours before for his “litigating” character. “We want to present the strongest case possible to protect and defend our Constitution, to seek the truth for the American people,” said the president of the House of Representatives in an appearance.

In this way, the House of Representatives has lost control over the ‘impeachment’ against Trump, a process that has dominated since the beginning of the official investigation, last September.

The American press has indicated in recent weeks that Pelosi would have resisted naming the ‘managers’, precisely, to force the Senate, a Republican majority, to agree on a protocol for the ‘impeachment’ that the Democrats consider fair. The head of the House of Representatives said last week, when she announced that she would take this step, thathis main fear is that some facts are dismissedand that they are not allowed to expand those already indicated.

The White House has accused Pelosi of “lying when he said that this (the ‘impeachment’) was urgent and vital to national security,” since he has extended it a month “in an outrageous effort to gain political support.” In a statement, they reproach him that “the only thing he has achieved with this shameful and illegitimate process of ‘impeachment’ is to show that he is focused on politics rather than on the American people.”

The witness controversy

Democrats pretend thatwitnesseswho could not appear during the investigation in the House of Representatives, the majority members of the Trump Administration or their collaborators, do so now in the Senate trial.

The US president expressly gave the order to his subordinates not to cooperate with Congress in the investigation of the ‘impeachment’ – hence the second charge against him – although some, such as the secretary of state,Mike Pompeo, have already advanced that they arewilling to do it in the Senate.

“We’re here again,” Trump reacted on Twitter.“Another scam of Democrats who do nothing”, he said, arguing that “all this work (the testimonies) should be done by the House of Representatives, not the Senate.”

Schiff has argued that, if the House of Representatives had had to wait for the required witnesses to appear, the process would have been prolonged “years”, which “would have completely nullified the power of ‘impeachment.” In any case, it has downplayed the intervention of witnesses. “Witnesses can tell the truth or not, butthe documents usually do not lie“, said the head of the Intelligence Commission.

The statement of objections

The ‘impeachment’ became a reality last December, when the House of Representatives -democratic majority- agreed to formally accuse Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, forcinghold a political trial in the Senatewhich will conclude with his acquittal or cessation.

Trump is accused of pressuring his Ukrainian peer,Volodimir Zelenski,to open two investigations: one onalleged corrupts of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunterin the European country and another on the “discredited theory” that it wasKiev, not Moscow, who interfered in the 2016 presidential elections.

According to US congressmen, Trump conditioned the opening of these two investigations on an “anxious” visit of Zelenski to the White House and the military aid that the United States gives to Ukraine in the framework of the war in Donbas.

The lower house is convinced that Trump sought to harm Biden and the Democrats in the face of the 2021 presidential elections, in which he will try to get a second term. The New York tycoon has defended his innocence at all times, emphasizing that there was no “quid pro quo” with Zelenski,denouncing that he is the victim of a “witch hunt”of the Democrats because they have not yet digested their 2016 electoral victory. He has been sure that the Senate will knock down the ‘impeachment’.

“President Trump has done nothing wrong,” the White House has reiterated. “He hopes to enjoy the right to due process in the Senate that President Pelosi and the House of Representatives have denied him and hopes to be exonerated,” he added.



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