The House of the Famous Mexico: Four Million Pesos Grand Prize for Winner Revealed

Next Sunday, June 4, the first season of The House of the Famous Mexico where fourteen show business celebrities will be locked up for ten long weeks and one of the most recurring doubts of viewers is to know how much will be the prize that the winner takes, so below we will tell you everything that is known about it.

This information was revealed by the main host of the program, Galilee Montijo, on the morning of this Tuesday, May 31, at a press conference in which they offered all the details regarding The House of the Famous Mexico and when questioned about the award, the also presenter of “Hoy” was surprised because apparently she did not know this information and even mentioned that if she had known before, she would have applied to participate because she is a “lanota”.

With an evident expression of surprise on her face, Galilea Montijo revealed that the winner of the first edition of La Casa de los Famosos México, in addition to the glory of victory, will also pocket a total of four million pesos, amount that, without a doubt, could change anyone’s life.

Participants and drivers

The first edition of La Casa de los Famosos México will have a total of fourteen participants and until a few hours ago, the only confirmed celebrities were Raquel Bigorra, Emilio Osorio, Wendy Guevara and Paul Stanleyhowever, in a press conference it was reported that the fifth member will be Nigris Poncho, who already has experience in this type of reality shows, in addition, it was reported that it will be until Sunday June 4 when the other nine celebrities who will participate for the prize of four million pesos will be announced.

Regarding the team of drivers, it was reported that Galilee Montijo will be in charge of carrying out gala Sundays, in addition, it will have a solid team that will accompany it and that will support simultaneous transmissions on digital platforms and in the 24-7 transmission, which will be in charge of Vix and ViX Plus.

The drivers who will accompany Galilee Montijo in the House of Famous Mexico are Odalys Ramírez, Diego de Erice, Pablo Chagra, Cecilia Galiano and Mauricio Garza, Therefore, the production of the famous reality show guaranteed entertainment on any platform where the development of the program is followed, which, as said before, will premiere on Sunday, June 4 at 8:30 p.m. through of the sign of Las Estrellas.

2023-05-31 21:07:30

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